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The Unquenchable Thirst for Power

In my opinion…

The Balloon has already gone up.

A confrontation already exists between the Obama Regime versus the US Constitution and the American People. The Regime has clearly demonstrated its contempt for both. Its record is one of uncontrolled seizure of unconstitutional power and of Private Sector assets. It routinely ignores Constitutional requirements on staff appointments and use of Treasury Funds. The US Treasury is being looted by insiders and the cash diverted to political and union organizations that will throw it back into the Obama 2012 effort. The Taxpayers end up holding the bag.

History shows that, once a Dictator starts down the road to tyranny, he never voluntarily turns back. The ends justify the means.

The battle against tyranny has already begun. At the State level constitutional and legal challenges have been filed. Legislation is being passed to protect 10th Amendment and other States’ Rights. At the Grass Roots level, voters everywhere are throwing the bums out. The Tea Party concept (God Bless It!) is kicking major butt.

In order for every last morsel of power to fall under the Dictator’s control, everything else must be destroyed. God and religion can no longer be tolerated. Constitutions must be torn up. Supreme Courts and other Federal Courts must be packed with Justices and Judges loyal to the Regime. The Dictator must control everything and everyone to satisfy his thirst for power. This includes elections.

Inevitable Destruction

But power, like Salt Water, cannot satisfy the thirst. The more power a Regime has, the more it thirsts for even greater power. It is here, in the dynamics of unquenchable thirst, that the Dictator commits himself to his own destruction. The fate of all dictators throughout history -- except Idi Amin and The Pineapple -- has been destruction at the hands of an enraged oppressed people. Once the process is set in motion, it cannot fail to reach its inevitable conclusion.

The question is: How many people, economies, currencies, and countries will be destroyed by the Regime in the process of destroying itself?


All threats to dictatorial power must be eliminated. That is part of the process. Elections are a threat to the process.

With the stakes so high, with the process so inevitable, can we possibly reach the 2012 elections and take back control of the US House, Senate, and Presidency? And thereby of Supreme Court nominations? Or will the Dictator take radical steps to try and eliminate that threat? Only time will provide an answer, but I certainly am concerned.

Nick Howard is  a native born US Citizen. Born in Oak Park, IL, in Dec.1943. Grew up in a Republican family with the Daley Machine. Went to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, where a roommate and I founded the Flying Huskies Flying Club in 1962.  Spent 33 years as a Senior Systems Analyst on large computer systems like airlines, oil & gas, radio/TV commercial management, etc. Major hobby is white water rafting or canoeing. I've been all over the US and SE Mexico.  Currently living in North Phoenix, AZ. I migrated here from Texas in 1997.

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