USA: Racing Toward Tyranny

Written by Nick Howard


The entire Government Game has made a quantum change with Obama. We’re currently under a Fascist Government racing toward a totalitarian Marxist Government. The Marxist Government is itself no more than a thin disguise for the World Government (UN) – under Islam – that is Obama’s ultimate goal.

The Islamic/Islamist Factor

We have Islamist terrorists around the world. We have uncontrolled Islamic immigration throughout the EU, Australia, South America, and the rest of the world. It’s also taking place quietly in the US with Government assistance. Petrodollars fund it.

I also know a former Iraqi Army Officer and his family who are right here in Arizona living on a US Government stipend of $15,000/month. There are hundreds more like him.

The primary sponsor of Islamist terrorism and of Islamic Worldwide immigration is Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal Family. Iran is second.

With Islamists, immigration is a precursor to conquest and domination. They’re not moving here to become Americanized. The Roman Empire fell after they let the Goths in. The Islamics are our Goths. The UN is already dominated by 57 Islamic countries. As a World Government the UN would fulfill the Islamic dream of a World Caliphate.

The Dark Ages Revisited

Under such a UN/Islamic World Government, we will be living in a revival of the Dark Ages. The wildest dreams of Eugenicists will come true. Two-thirds of the World Population will be exterminated – Eugenicized – starting with Europeans, North and South Americans, Australians, etc. Read that as Caucasians, including Hispanics. The African Continent has been under a Eugenics plan for the past 30 years at least.

It will become a Muslim World, as Obama wishes. Obama will be revered as the reincarnated Caliph.

Nick Howard is  a native born US Citizen. Born in Oak Park, IL, in Dec.1943. Grew up in a Republican family with the Daley Machine. Went to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, where a roommate and I founded the Flying Huskies Flying Club in 1962.  Spent 33 years as a Senior Systems Analyst on large computer systems like airlines, oil & gas, radio/TV commercial management, etc. Major hobby is white water rafting or canoeing. I've been all over the US and SE Mexico.  Currently living in North Phoenix, AZ. I migrated here from Texas in 1997.


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