The EDL Demonstration in Luton

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Right Side News finds the English Defence League's demonstration in Luton today on the Gates of Vienna news site.   Mainstream news, with their warped politically correct view of the Islamic menace to Western culture refuse to report the news as it should be reported. It is the responsibility of any news organization to report on menacing threats against their citizens.  We thank Gates of Vienna for reporting the truth. We also give thanks to the English Defence League for taking a stand to stop the Islamification of their culture, Bravo!

Update 12:14am EST: Tommy Robinson interviewed by ITN before the demo:



From the EDL page on Facebook:

English Defence League (EDL) 6 coaches 9 minibuses and thousands on the trains and cars at least 6,000 in attendance in Luton today well done to all attendance we will never surrender we will only grow

Hat tip: Politically Incorrect.

New tweets:

@NemesisREPUBLIC Nemesis Republic
RT @hopenothate: Rumours flying around. 1. Koran burnt on Farley Hill estate 2. a mosque attacked in Bury Park. Neither true. #EDL #Luton

@sunny_hundal sunny hundal
EDL demo now officially finished. Now is when the trouble usually starts. But lots of police here

Luton Voice
Police say about 5000 #EDL members attended the protest in #Luton today #UAF about 300

BBC report about the EDL and UAF rival protests

KGS has a screencap of a UAF thug raising his hand to strike an EDL member, taken from the Telegraph video.

Update 10:10am EST:

A video from earlier in the day, EDL marching to the demo location:

Read more on Gates of Vienna and more videos

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