Insider Report From Egypt: Chaos Continues To Reign

Written by Logans Warning


I just received an update from a source in Egypt who told me that approximately 1 million Egyptians have taken to the streets there yesterday and today. The obvious target of the protest is the current, oppressive Mubarak regime, whose reign has spanned the 30 years since 1981. Surprisingly, most of the protesters are liberals in the classic sense who are, at this point, NOT calling for Sharia.

Thousands-Egyptians-protest-CairoGoing a step further even than not insisting on the implementation of Sharia law, many of them even went head to head with members of the pro-Sharia Muslim Brotherhood. This while the Brotherhood tried to hijack yesterday’s protest by chanting “Islam is the solution”! Thankfully, the Muslim Brotherhood were intimidated into silence. This turn of events in and of itself completely shocked my source!

The unfortunate reality is that Mubarak & his regime are hellbent on creating more chaos in an effort to punish the Egyptian people. Yesterday, they pulled the security forces off of the streets and had many of them return in civilian clothes to blend in with the crowds. In addition to this undercover move to instigate more trouble, at about 6 PM yesterday, the government started to release prisoners from the jails and sent them out to confront the anti-Mubarak protesters. In response to the government efforts, civilian patrols have been formed, and they are trying to unite with other patrols by wearing symbolic white armbands. As of now, they are armed with bats and knives.

The recent news that Mubarak will, for the first time in his 30-year rule, delegate some power to a Vice President, Omar Sulieman, has not caused the mass unrest to abate. Sulieman has for years served as a liaison between Mubarak & Washington, D.C. The crowds were still in the streets even after Sulieman was sworn in just a couple of hours ago.

I will continue to relay the news as I receive updates.  LOGANS WARNING

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