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Taking a Stand Against Political Correctness

Political correctness is loosely defined as "avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against."

In other words, millions of Americans have willingly allowed themselves to be placed in the losing position of continually being forced to prove a negative. "I'm not a racist," "I'm not homophobic," "I'm not a greedy capitalist" nauseum.

political_correctnessPolitical correctness is a hugely successful campaign that has effectively altered traditional standards of behavior in order to advance the political agenda of mostly left-leaning groups. From gay rights, to feminism to open borders, PC rules dictate that you conform with the prevailing group-think at the risk of social ostracism.

The amazing thing about PC is that no-one has yet fought back against the complete idiocy and transparent manipulation that is its very essence.

Until now.

I have decided to quit enabling useful idiots by continuing to mouth the politically correct group thoughts that threaten to snuff out opposing opinions under the guise of tolerance and compassion. I never voted for these idiotic rules. I never agreed to them. And I refuse to abide by them.

I will not let others dictate manners to me. I was brought up to be respectful of others and to live by the Golden Rule. In other words, I have good manners. So why should I allow others to impose their "manners" on me? Especially when their "manners" only apply to favored groups.

Conservative women can be called whores, and the Virgin Mary can be covered in dung and called art, but God forbid anyone acknowledge that many blacks have willingly let themselves be enslaved to the government entitlement system. Or that some people will always be poor because they are just plain stupid and lazy - and subsidizing them with my tax dollars only encourages more stupid and lazy behavior. The majority of them have chosen to rely on others for their existence - but that doesn't mean I must grant them "oppressed" status.

Acquiescing to political correctness only serves to enable it. And I will no longer enable arbitrary rules whose main goals serve only to contradict traditional values and undermine American and individual exceptionalism.

Here are a few basic facts. America is the greatest country the world has ever known. We have equality of opportunity, not outcome. Respect must be earned, not granted, and promoting self-esteem is just a subtle message that it's OK and even desirable to be selfish.

Most politically correct "elites" who purport to speak for you have been educated way beyond their intelligence. Life isn't fair and everyone is not equal. If any of your "rights" are paid for by others, they not rights, they are entitlements. And redefining words to make them politically correct does not change the underlying reality. A rose is a rose and a jerk is a jerk.

Shakespeare once said, "There is no right or wrong, only the definition that makes it so." I have decided that I will no longer allow politically correct idiots with a vested agenda to define my words for me. I am not willing to adopt someone else's definition of right and wrong at the expense of my own.

With a black man in the White House, I have also decided that I will no longer lower my voice when discussing race. And since I graduated from high school long ago, I've decided that I will never refer to words by their first letter. Those that refer to "the n word" or "the p word" are  people who have willingly allowed others to set the rules. They are sheep who have acquiesced to group-think in a vain attempt to appear "with-it."

From now on, I will call a lie a lie, not a misstatement. Just because many people lie does not make it right. And I will not allow my opinions to be called judgments. I will not allow debate to be redefined as argument, and I most certainly will not have anyone tell me that my point of view is invalid unless they can prove it.

Instead, I will do as Thomas Sowell does when faced with politically correct statements made by self-righteous busy bodies. I will ask myself these four questions that will determine the validity of any statement:

1. At what cost?

2. Compared to what?

3. According to whom?

4. What hard evidence do you have?

By Sowell's standard, pretty much every politically correct statement and/or idea doesn't pass this simple test. All the main shibboleths of the left are shown to be lacking in both substance and foundation if put to this test. But political correctness demands that you not question crucial assumptions for fear of being branded stupid. How stupid is that?

If you're content to allow others to define you, by all means, keep playing by the politically correct rules. If you're OK with allowing others to manipulate your sentiments to achieve their own agendas, feel free.

If, however, you value individual freedom and common sense over group-think, maybe it's time you joined me in starting to fight back against all this PC nonsense. It's easy. Just say no.


Nancy_Morgan__170px_x_100Nancy Morgan is a columnist and senior editor for, a conservative news site.

Her weekly columns are published in dozens of print and Internet publications, including American Thinker, Human Events, Worldnetdaily, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Examiner, Insight and World Tribune. Locally, her columns appear in the Georgetown Times.

Until 2001, Nancy was a producer of conservative programming in Los Angeles. Her company, Morgan Productions, was one of the very few conservative production companies on the west coast. Product included shows, documentaries, commercials and infomercials.

After 33 years of living in Los Angeles, Nancy relocated to a climate more tolerant of conservatives, settling in beautiful Murrells Inlet, S.C. in 2002, where she lives today.

Nancy is a graduate of the National Journalism Center. She has served on the boards of Accuracy in Media and the South Carolina Club For Growth.

She is a frequent speaker at both Republican and conservative events.

Her goal and her passion is making available the conservative point of view, which she has been doing since 1992.

She may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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