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The Roxbury Mosque

There have been hot discussions concerning the building of mosques in the US and what their designed purpose is.

 There is the ground zero mosque in New York that is seen by many to be an Islamic Victory Mosque.  There is the Al Rahman Mosque in Orlando, where fund raising was discovered  for the Hamas military operations of terror and murder.  There is the Murfreesboro Mosque in Tennessee, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.


rightsidenews_01Now, comes a report from Tom Trento of the Roxbury Mosque in the heart of Boston, teaching "infidel" kids Muslim prayers.  See VIDEO

There are hundreds of Mosques across our country, unmonitored, and Mosques are known for the preaching and teaching of Shari’a Law.  Shari’a Law in incompatible with our free republic and has uncompromising conflicts to our Constitution.  Both fundamental Shari'a Law and the Constitution can not stand together, one must be eliminated within our borders.

See this video


Please watch this 4 part video series and Charles Jacobs' investigative report about The Roxbury Mosque Prayer Fiasco and also see the mindset of those involved.

Part 1/4: ROXBURY - MOSQUE or MASK? "I'm Shippin' up to Boston" from Tom Trento on Vimeo.


Part 2/4: ROXBURY - MOSQUE or MASK? "Confrontation - East meets West" from Tom Trento on Vimeo.


Part 3/4: ROXBURY - MOSQUE or MASK? "Inside a Muslim's Brain" from Tom Trento on Vimeo

Part 4/4: ROXBURY - MOSQUE or MASK? "The Demise of Boston" from Tom Trento on Vimeo


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