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I Despise the Political Correctness

So, what has Mr. Barack Hussein Obama said in his speech on the 9/11? First, he informed us that it had not been Islam which had attacked the USA – but “a sorry band of men” who “distorted the peaceful religion of Islam”. He never said the word “terrorists”! He also promised that the USA would never wage a war against Islam.

image001Also, the man who is currently the President of the United States of America declared that this “sorry band of men” would never make us surrender our values. Translating this politically correct abracadabra in plain English, it means that America will go on appeasing the multi- million crowds of Muslims who want to destroy America

Today it is politically correct to adopt the children from the poor African and Asian countries. And in the 19th century it was politically correct to go to the asylums and look through the bared windows at the raging madmen; it was a family show. And in the Middle Ages it was politically correct to go – all the family- to the main square of the city to see the hanging of the criminals. And in the 18th century it was politically correct to have a black slave – while today the black people must be present in   wherever.

I despise the political correctness – and I despise all who are guided by it. It makes no difference to me which name someone invents for a lie: Nazism, Communism, Islam or Liberalism; any liar is my personal enemy; he steals a part of my life because only through the Truth we see the life as it really is. And if the lie is the condition of the existence of the Liberalism – then the Liberalism is just another totalitarian ideology which tries to usurp the power over my brain and my soul.

We have to thank the modern Liberal ideology for the Islamic terrorism. And when these Islamic fanatics with the eyes full of hatred  blast your children to pieces, go to the “ tolerant liberal  political leaders “in your country and thank them for protecting “the values which are our biggest achievement”. Let them blast the people, never mind; but we shall not surrender our liberal values!

And what these liberal values we are not going to surrender?

First and above all, it’s the rights of an Individual which, the Liberals say, are more important and prioritarian than the rights of a State. Well, it’s a lie, a stupidity and a demagogue. The rights of the left ear can not be more important than the rights of the body. The right of the branch can not be superior to the right of the tree. It’s evident and the slogan of the priority of the rights of an Individual over the rights of the Society is a cheap populism for the brainwashed crowd.

And what are the other “values”?

Homosexuality as a norm;

Prostitution as a” normal profession”, with the deletion of the difference between a decent woman, a mother and a wife – and a prostitute; both “deserve the equal respect”;

The right of the people who came to Europe or USA the day before yesterday to get the welfare without working an hour;

The right of any illegal immigrant to have the same or bigger social benefits as the native population of the country – at the expense of this native population;

The right of the drug addicts to get the drugs free of charge;

The right on the promiscuous sexual relations practically without any limits and restrictions;

The right to visit school for 10 years, hardly knowing to read and right after this;

The right not to serve in the Army; let someone else, some guy from Honduras or Mexico, defend the USA or France and  their “ liberal values”;

The right to kill and rape anyone, in any numbers and in any ways – with the guaranty from the society that the life of the murderer and rapist will be spared;

The right of the murderer and rapist on the balanced diet, good treatment, lawyer, translator, physical exercises- at the expense of the taxpayers, including the victims  of his crimes and their relatives;

The right of any religion and cult on equality with mine- in my own country;

Well, congratulations with such “values”.    And what about the positive ones?

- The right to elect and be elected – with all the tricks and machinations you very well know about.

- The right for the free speech. Well, the censorship in the media exists and is automatic; try to publish in the mainstream media an article about Obama’s birth certificate or about the number of rapes committed by Muslims in the European countries or USA – and after that we shall talk about the “free speech”.

- The freedom of movement and of the choice of the place of residence. The cynicism is absolutely unbelievable! First, the West declares that any person is free to choose a country of residence. Now, a man from Nigeria or Ghana arrives to , let´s say, Spain on the “raft”  which consists of the wood trunks tied together. Suppose he escaped the bodyguards and successfully arrived to Europe. And what? And nothing. No legalization- no work-no place to live – nothing to eat. And in two days he is already standing in the Ramblas in Barcelona, selling drugs to the tourists for 50 Euros a dose. And very quickly he gets caught by the police, sentenced to the deportation – and sent back to where he came from. And if it’s a woman, she will stand near, offering her “services” for 10 euros “ a complete”. And very soon, she will be also caught- and deported.

- The right on the education: depends on the money the parents have and their readiness to pay.

- The right for the medical services: depends on the money and on how lucky you were with the hospital in the district where you live.

- The right on the employment. There is the right. About if there is an employment- it´s already another story.

- The right on the pensions on retirement. Yes!!! This rights exists.

And now tell me, which of these “values” do the terrorists attack? The right on the employment? Or maybe they want to steal our retirement payments? Or we shall not surrender our right on homosexuality? Or maybe the leaders of the terrorists want to forbid to Muslims to go to Europe, Canada, Australia or the USA? Or maybe they want to ban the free elections of the Queen of Great Britain?

They do not attack any abstract “values”, they attack our civilization as a whole. When the Catholic Christians murdered and burnt the Lithuanians in the East of Europe or Indians in the South America during the Crusades – can we say that the Christianity had nothing to do with this, that it was absolutely good and peaceful and that it was only the Crusaders, Catholic monks, Spanish Conquistadors, Christian Kings and Queens who were bad? And that all these atrocities, with the famous “Kill them all. God will know His own"– were just a sad misunderstanding and the Christianity is good and peaceful and it was only “a bunch of some bad guys who hijacked and distorted the peaceful religion”?

It was an European Expansion under the banner of Christianity. The most active elements were attacking, killing and robbing. The less active elements were sitting at home but were more than happy to greet the flow of gold and slaves. And the “conservative elements” were raising children – and cried over the wounded.

Well, today we have the Arab expansion under the banner of Islam. The most active elements join the terrorist groups openly declaring that their goal is to destroy our civilisation and substitute it with theirs. The less active elements are sitting home, supporting “the mujahedeen” and rejoicing over their “victories”. And the “conservative elements” are raising children – many children.

Is Islam to blame? No. Islam was aggressive from the beginning and Muslims since the time of Muhammad never bothered to hide this. Islam exists for 1300 years and has not changed a iota in its basic postulates. But for 1300 years, since Islam was founded, nobody heard about the “Islamic terrorism” against Christians in the countries of the Christians.

Then, in the 20th century, all of a sudden…“All of a sudden”?

 Come on. Islam is a fierce wolf, but the fiercest wolf in the forest does not attack an armed man. But what would you call me if I invite such a wolf to my house, open the door to him, explain to him that he, the wolf, has the total right to behave in my house in full accord with the traditions and customs of the wolves and when he, in full accord with the traditions of his tribe, jumps to my throat, I instead of simply shooting him would start to explain to him how bad it is to eat humans? And would you blame the wolf for eating me?

Our Democracies were built by the tough men and women guided by the strict laws and morals. It was these strict laws and morals which created the Western Civilisation and brought it to the Might and Glory.     

Then the Democracy was substituted by the Liberalism, and we today, guided by the “liberal values”, successfully throw our civilisation into the water closet.

Once the Great Rome conquered half the world. And then it granted the rights of the Roman citizen to all the inhabitants of the immense Roman Empire. And the immigrants from all the ends of the Empire started to come to Rome, and began to make money, and occupy the vacancies, and bring their families. And their women started to have children, many children. And the Roman women became very emancipated and decided not to have any. And the people of Rome started to get out into the streets to demand “the welfare”: free bread, vine and shows. And the strange religion called Christianity started to spread among the Romans. And the Roman populists were explaining to Romans that the human life was the most precious thing in the world, much more precious than Honour and Duty. And then the barbarians came and the Roman men melted the golden Statue of the Military Virtue in ingots to pay them the  ransom instead of reducing them to ashes as their grandfather would have done just a hundred years ago without thinking twice about them. And then the barbarians came again, and again… And once they came – and the Romans had not enough gold to pay them.

And the history of the Great Rome ended.


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