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On the Brainwashing of a Nation

We used to be a great nation of rugged individuals. 

It began a while ago but I will start with the "new math" of the 1960s.  We knew math and how to teach it.  Then, they came up with a newversion.  Ostensibly, it was to make the learning easier.  All parents could see was that their children were losing the ability to do simple arithmetic reliably and they raged at it. 

The people pushing the new system said to wait and give it time and parents would see how great it was.  If it is not all we promise, we can always go back, but given time, you will see how great it is. 

dumbParents, with great reluctance, agreed because the request to "give it time and see" sounded reasonable and there was a promisethat it could be changed.  Yet, what was really being done to the parents was getting them to back down, disregard their rage until it cooled, all the while, forcing themselves to live with what they alreadyknew was bad.  They thought that there was a promise of change if it did not work out but they were wrong.  There was only the general statement that it couldbe changed, not that it would. 

Also, they lost their collective bargaining strength when they disbanded.  They were all furious and demanding a change.  They already knew that the new system was flawed.  There was noreason to delay.  But, by doing so, any attempt to return would be piecemeal and small groups of parents are far more easily handled.  The system need never be changed no matter how bad it was, and it was BAD.

And so, we were given something we knew right off was bad, we protested, we were handed something that appeals to the reasonable, "give it time", we tried to be "reasonable" and we got permanently stuck with an inferior product that their children and future generations were saddled with.  All because we were told to accept what someone else tells us is right against our own goodjudgment. 

But wait, there is more.

We had people tell us that we were raising our kids wrong.  Dr. Spock told us to let the childrentell us how they should be raised.  The phrase he used to appeal to the reasonable that got us to set aside our own good judgment was that we should treat them with "respect".  This translated to being permissive and abrogating the responsibilities of parenting. 

We all know this today as "spin" and it is an integral, insidious (evil), and completely unsubtle part of our "heritage" that shows no signs of going away.  However, this bad idea is not limited to how we raise and teach our children.

Political correctness is a hugehorror.   This was sold to us as "not being offensive" to others.  In past generations this was something that our mothers tried to teach us.  In the last 2 or 3 generations, since the '60's, we were taught an entirely new language, see Orwell's 'newspeak' in 1984, and told that we hadto stick with that language or suffer the penalty.  In the last several years people lost jobs by simply using words or phrases that were actually good and proper where and when they grew up, and stillare.  Example: did you know that the word "girl" is a word of "extreme subjugation" and that physically assaulting the speaker of such an outrage is fully justified?  Well, it is in San Francisco anyway.

Think this is just in isolated areas or just in the public sector? Think again.  This political correctness evil is rampant in the corporate world.  How do they get companies to enforce this?  It began by ruling lawsuits againstthem if they do not enforce this censorship.  Corporations are so terrified of lawsuits that they bend over backwards to avoid having anything for which even appears like they can be sued.  The judiciary has been brutal and devastating in its rulings.  

Although this was entirely predictable as they have an agenda that has nothingto do with the law, that the corporations could not afford even the threat of a suit.  An actual lawsuit could go either way, because they could not count on the Courts actually applying the letter of the law.  Corporations came to realize that it was just as likely the judge would "understand" or be "empathetic", possibly even toss out the law and simply consider the case as a "wise latino woman" might, instead of honestly applying the actual law.  

People and Corporations could not count on "blind justice", but rather "feelings matter more than the law". This resulted in bluring the lines between right and wrong, insisting that nothing is ever really right or really wrong.  Situational ethics came into being and entire generations lost their senses.  They lost their individual sense of distinction between good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral, even the ability to discriminate (choose).  We have been verbally and emotionally bludgeoned so that now most are unable to even discern  among cultures, we are told (lied to) that all cultures are equal, when the truth is that some cultures are destructive and yes, even inferior, but we are not allowed to even consider this.  This anarchy in the form of a legal system became the monster that has attempted to forced us all to fit the new mold.

But political correctness is clearly not an attempt to get people to onlybe polite and inoffensive, which is not the purview of government to legislate anyway.  If it was, then telling people what they can and cannot say is offensive to MEand yet, the government seems to not havea problem with offending ME.   It is an attack that intends to enslave the minds of the targets.

But political correctness did not stop there.

thought_crime-300x216It was not enough to train us to change our words, and , of necessity, force us to check our ownthoughts so that we could censor ourselves.  We found ourselves limiting our own thoughts to make sure they did not stray from what we were toldwas the party line of the day.  Forcing ourselves to not 'color outside the lines' of thinking itself is the ultimate in brainwashing.  But they were not, of course, satisfied with that.  They had to forge heavier chains and shackle them on, and so they did.

The next step to accomplish that was the hate crime.  Not satisfied with compelling us to check our words and, thereby, our thought, they attacked the source of our thoughts:  our beliefs and opinions themselves.

With the hate crime, the government, elitists and special interests say which ideas are acceptable and now which are not only unacceptable but which thoughts are criminal .  If they can infer that you hold a proscribed opinion, you can be held accountable for that and with far greater severity than they punish for the actual crime.

The constable of Lewisville, Texas told me of one such thing when I was in his concealed handgun carrying course.  A black man came into a convenience store, pulled a gun and robbed the place.  As he was making his getaway, the white clerk went after him with a gun.  The robber stopped, turned, and either fired or was about to.  The clerk gunned him down.  Up to this point, this was considered a righteous shooting by any and all but...

It seems that he then walked to the corpse and said, 'take that, nigger'.  Bottom line, he went to prison for 'hate crime'.

church-stateThe act itself was justifiable by most any standard.  That was not in dispute.  But he got a sentence greater than if he had indiscriminately gunned the man down on the street as a plain murder but kept his mouth shut.  This is punishment for using  a particular word and thereby revealing a beliefthat they have disallowed.

The problem with this is it tells us what we may and may not believe.  This means that there is someone, somewhere deciding what our belief systemmay and may not be.  So much for not establishing a religion.

They stop teaching our children and We the People let it happen.  The government, the elitists, the minority special interests tell us to stop teaching our children by respecting their notions and we doit.  They take our freedom of speech, then take our freedom to have our own beliefs.

I will not spend time on what they are now teaching our children in lieu of the classic reading writing and arithmetic as it is common knowledge.  The point there is they are continuing with the brainwashing so that a great number of our kids have lost the ability to think at all. 


Lloyd @ Large


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