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ECI salutes Czech Senate President for standing up for Israel

Sends letter of protest to EU H igh RAffairs epresentative for Foreign

Brussels, 4 June, 2010 - European Coalition for Israel salutes the brave and courageous statements made in support for Israel by Czech senate president Premysl Sobotka. During a visit to Israel on Thursday Sobotka said that "the Turkish flotilla was a planned provocation designed to entrap Israel." He went on to say that "many in the European Community feel as I do but they are afraid to speak out."


ECI now calls upon political leaders in all parts of Europe to show similar courage and openly express their solidarity with Israel during this difficult time of world condemnation. The organisation has sent a personal letter to the  European Union High Representative of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, who is currently calling for "an immediate and unconditional lifting of the blockade of Hamas controlled Gaza." ECI wants to remind Lady Ashton that this is the same organization which the EU is keeping on the terrorist black list because of its doctrinal commitment to destroy the state of Israel. The EU foreign minister should not play in to the hands of terrorist groups as the objective of the flotilla was to end the blockade and weaken Israeli security and not to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Perhaps the EU foreign minister should also know that the one vessel whose passengers resisted the boarding by Israeli commandos seemed to have been the flagship of Turkish NGO IHH withdocumented links both to Hamas and Al Qaida and which office was raided in 1997 by the Turkish government at the time, which considered it a security risk. This is hardly the type of organisation that should shape European foreign policy.


ECI regrets that the EU foreign minister now choses to side with enemies of Israel instead of the only democracy in the Middle East. It also wishes to express its concern ove the role of EU applicant country Turkey in the current crisis . The Turkish government has supported the flotilla and caused further escalation of the crisis by theinflammatory retorics used in Ankara.  It would  hardly be in the interest of the citizens of Europe to be exposed to any future conflicts in the region which could be triggered by the policies of the current  Islamist government.


Too many times throughout history Europe has turned its back towards the Jewish people. Let us now hope that more courageous men and women  like Czech senate president Sobotka will rise up to the occasion and express their support for peace and democracy in the Middle East. Supporting terrorist organizations in their quest to destroy the Jewish state will hardly pave the way to peace in the Middle East.

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