Health Alert | The Commission, Part I

Written by John Goodman


As alert readers will know by now, President Obama has appointed a commission on the federal debt, mainly focused on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. To signal his seriousness about this venture, the President has gone so far as to put the newly passed health reform bill on the negotiating table - even though the ink on the new law is barely dry.

Just to get everyone's thinking jump-started, let me propose four bold ideas:


If these ideas do not immediately strike you as appealing, you need to know they are not really my ideas. The bullet points above describe the results of the 1983 Greenspan Commission - a bipartisan effort to "save" Social Security. At least inside Washington, D.C., and in the mainstream media, this effort is universally regarded as a stellar example of how politicians should solve problems. Many hope the commission on the federal debt will follow the Greenspan commission example.

More compassionate people, like yours truly, hope they do not succeed.


 Behind the Green Door

Let's briefly review what official Washington considers real reform. Because of the Greenspan Commission recommendations:


Here's the bottom line: Efforts to patch up federal Ponzi schemes are not real reform. Their only purpose is to help a structurally flawed systems limp along - to put off the inevitable day of reckoning. In the meantime, the patchwork changes are almost always regressive - imposing the bulk of the cost on those least able to bear it.

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