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And So it Begins...EPA Regulates GHGs Under the Clean Air Act

In a move to reshape the regulatory framework of the auto and energy sector, today the EPA issued a joint rulemaking with the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulating the emission of six greenhouse gases from light duty vehicles under the Clean Air Act.

We can only hope this is Obama's version of an April Fool's joke...

Unfortunately, it appears the joke's on us. The regulations are sure to raise the cost of vehicles and set the stage for broader regulation of GHGs throughout the economy.

Last week, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced she was delaying regulation of GHG emissions from stationary sources until 2011. But she won't be able to wait forever.

Because of the way the Clean Air Act is structured, once EPA decides something "endangers" the public health (which it did for GHGs in the December 2009 endangerment finding) they are forced to regulate it from all sources. They can't cherry pick which sources to regulate. This will lead to a regulatory cascade where ships, planes, boats, lawnmowers, restaurants, utilities, schools, churches and even some large single-family homes will be subjected to the costly and time-consuming EPA permitting process before they can operate.

Even if EPA wanted to avoid regulating all those sources, now that they've regulated cars they don't have a choice. One lawsuit from a fringe environmental group could bring the whole house of cards crashing down, grinding our nascent economy recovery to a halt.

In a futile attempt to avoid this reality, EPA is trying to illegally rewrite the Clean Air Act to shoehorn these regulations in through the backdoor. However, their application is clearly in conflict with expressed congressional intent and whole regulatory mess is already headed to court.

Americans for Prosperity is touring the country on a Regulation Reality Tour to make sure citizens know that Congress must step in and stop the runaway power grab. Click here to tell your lawmakers to stop the EPA.

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