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Open Letter: Act On CO2 Advertisements

Thank you for sending me the Final Adjudication with regards my complaint about the government's "Act on CO2" campaign.

Within that final adjudication there are blatant untruths, the greatest of all being that 40% of atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from human activity.

Please refer to a table from the US Dept of Energy, as used by the UN IPCC themselves, clearly indicating that the best estimate is around three percent only, nowhere near the 40% that is claimed in the adjudication. page 26:






That table is one of several by the DoE, all indicating similar percentages. Many peer-reviewed papers state the percentage of anthropogenic emissions anywhere between 2.3% and 5% - never anywhere near the 40% as stated in the adjudication.

Please advise what lines of appeal are open to members of the public. Your adjudication board seems to have accepted the response by the originators of the adverts without doing independent research.

This kind of blatant propaganda has to be stopped and as you are representing the Advertising Standards Agency, I expect there to be avenues for me and others to expose this kind of blatant scaremongering over nothing.

No action at all is need over carbon dioxide emissions. Pollution control is vital but carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a vital gas of life.

Please not that I have copied this email to various interested parties around the UK and further afield.

There is absolutely no basis in science for climate alarm based on the human emissions of carbon dioxide and the least I can do is to try and stop the blatant lies dished up by the Dept of Energy and Climate Change.

Kind regards,

Hans Schreuder


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