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Health Care is Not a Right

What moron believes that "health care is a right"?  If that is true then the government should be able to FORCE EVERYONE to GIVE any and EVERY service performed away to anyone that wants it - FREE taxi cabs, Free groceries, Free automobiles, Free gasoline, Free housing, Free clothing, FREE FREE FREE - Don't you get it??  health care is NOT a "right", it is NOT something that is "deserved" or that is guaranteed, and especially NOT guaranteed by the Constitution AND definitely NOT to be provided by the government.

health_care_is_not_a_rightHealth care is a need that is provided for by someone offering a "service", whether you like it or NOT, SOMEone had to pay thousands of dollars and invest years of their lives to be able to provide that service - - do you think all doctors do it for purely altruistic reasons?  Do YOU do YOUR job ONLY because you LOVE It and you would be thrilled to do  it if you were not paid to?  YOUR job provides either a product or a service, so how would YOU feel if tomorrow the government forced you to continue doing what you do for no pay or for pennies on the dollar of what you had been making?  And when you went home you found that there were strangers camped out in your living room, helping themselves to your groceries and most of "your things" had been given away, how are you feeling so far?

And their explanation is:

"Well, you see, there are these people over here, they don't work, they are not sick, or very young, or old or disabled, in fact they are perfectly able-bodied, they just don't work, and well, we think it is only fair for them to have part of yours, you don't really mind do you?  After all, this is America, EQUAL  for everyone, and you would be so selfish to say no!  Are you racist that you don't want to give them part of what you have because they are of a different color or ethnic origin?  Or are you a hater that you don't want to give them part of what you have because they live or believe differently than you?  Or maybe you are intolerant because you don't want to give what you have to those who are different ideologies than you?"

THAT is NOT what makes America - you are aware that the VERY first American colonies attempted "communistic" living, everyone works and everyone partakes of the results, it lasted less than 3 seasons - there were some who were lazy and those who worked hard became angry that those who were lazy and did not do their "share" still got a portion.  It evolved very quickly to - if you WANT it - you had BETTER be willing to WORK for it!

Nobody "owes" YOU anything, Nobody "deserves" to be given what someone ELSE worked for, the GOVERNMENT "gives" NOTHING to anyone that it did not TAKE from someone else!  In America it is NOT the government's job to solve problems, the government can NOT "create" jobs, it CAN NOT create wealth, if you think it does then YOU are part of the problem and NOT part of the solution. 

While cruising through the internet I noted a "common thread" in those [few] who keep babbling about how wonderful the health care will be for "everyone"!  I posted this reply to them on several sites.  I quickly became annoyed at the idiocy and decided to save myself the aggravation and post it here and just link them to the original.


angry_wolf_110Kelly Wolf - writes opinion under full color and protection of the 1st Amendment. Contributing author, politically conservative and independent, fiercely protective of God, Country & Constitution.


"Truth is not racist, hateful, bigoted or intolerant. Neither are those who speak the truth. However, one usually has only to look to see who is shouting the accusation of such to see the truth of who is." Kelly Wolf



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