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Citizens Protest Government Takeover of Health Care at Minnesota 'Kill the Bill' Rally

Representatives Michele Bachmann and John Kline were the keynote speakers at a rally held today at the Minnesota State Capitol protesting Democrats' plan to force the health 'reform' bill through Congress in a matter of days using the so-called 'nuclear option.' The trick, technically called budget reconciliation, would enable the Senate to pass a House-amended version of its own already-approved health care bill, bypassing debate and thus staving off any filibuster. 

Senator Byrd has said, "Using reconciliation to ram through complicated, far-reaching legislation is an abuse of the budget process.  The writers of the Budget Act, and I am one, never intended for its reconciliation's expedited procedures to be used this way.  These procedures were narrowly tailored for deficit reduction.  They were never intended to be used to pass tax cuts, or to create new Federal regimes."

Vice President Joe Biden once characterized the "nuclear option" as an "example of the arrogance of power," and President Obama said such a move "would change the character of the Senate forever." But that was 2005. Now that every major poll shows overwhelming opposition to the health care reform bill being put forth by the Democrat-controlled Congress, and Republicans have swept recent special elections chiefly because of the bill, Congressional leaders are willing to resort to tricks they themselves called "dirty" to get their way.

Every major poll shows the majority of Americans don't support the congressional health care bills.  "Today's rally was one more example of the People standing up to voice opposition to Obamacare," said Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority. "The people have made their wishes perfectly clear at rallies, in polls, at town hall meetings. But Congressional leaders seem intent on thwarting the will of the people, taking on more the role of rulers than representatives."

A crowd of approximately 4,000 concerned Minnesotans showed-up at today's rally with signs, demanding to be heard.  "There's no time to waste.  With lives, pocketbooks, and health freedom on the line, Americans must continue to stand up, show up and speak up against the health care bills in Congress," Said Twila Brase of CCHC.

All eight members of Minnesota's Congressional delegation were invited to attend Saturday's rally.  Representatives Bachmann and Kline attended in-person.  Rep. Paulsen and Governor Pawlenty both had schedule conflicts but sent letters of support.  None of the Democrats attended.

Other speakers at the rally included Ed Morrissey, Barb Davis-White, Randy Liebo, Dr. Lee Kurisko and state representative Mark Buesgens.

"This was an opportunity for Minnesota's elected officials to show their constituents that they are listening," said Phil Krinke, the Taxpayer's League president.  "People are frustrated because they believe Congress is largely ignoring their voices."

Sponsors of the rally included Minnesota Majority, Citizens Council on Health Care, Twin Cities Tea Party Patriots and the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota.

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