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Obama’s Reckless Course Will Drive America Off The Cliff

 I once heard someone say that at the heart of liberalism is someone who believes that they know how to live your life better than you do. They know how to spend your hard-earned dollars, they know how to raise your family, etc. "Scratch a liberal and you find a fascist," he said.

In the State of the Union, President Obama and his liberal supporters cheered wildly as he demonstrated that he will ignore the results of the recent Massachusetts election and continue on the same track to more government, fewer jobs and less security for the American people.

Some pundits praised the President's tenacity while others praised his determination. I don't believe it is either - I believe it is typical liberal arrogance. He knows better than us what to do, and he isn't about to let any election results or giant tea party rallies get in the way.

And when a liberal money handout program like the bank bailout and the stimulus programs do nothing and stimulate no one, liberals always have a simple diagnosis - it's because we didn't throw away enough money.

So, the President proposed another round of government giveaways - throwing more money into programs which do not work. The one thing President Obama will "stimulate" is debt and a dark future of high taxes for future generations of Americans.

car-cliffThroughout the speech I kept hearing the sound of cash registers going "cha ching" -- racking up more costs for the taxpayer.

I was shocked (and I believe Justice Alito was shocked) when the President took advantage of the presence of the Supreme Court justices seated in the front of the House chamber to lecture them on their recent campaign financing decision which he doesn't support.  Justice Alito mouthed the words "Not true!" for all eyes to see.  He was right and anyone who had read the decision would agree with the Justice.  But, the President was the only one in the room with a microphone.

In the coming year, I suspect there will be elections which will send similar messages to the President and the Congress.  Ignoring the angry concern of the average American man and woman, as President Obama did in his address, will not make it go away, it will just fan it and cause it to grow.

The State of the Union is not good, Mr. President, but the state of our nation's leadership is worse.  Hard-working Americans are not fooled by name-calling and shifting the blame.  President Obama and the liberals in Congress have spent the first year trying to pass a socialist health care program which few citizens support.  Call us names, ignore us for as long as you can, but voters will have the last word.

Obama says he's not giving up on his ambitious agenda of socializing our nation and taxing us into oblivion.

Here are a few ways you can be informed and work to slow down Obama's radical agenda:



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