Scott Brown's Win: For Freedom & Good Sense, Not Party

Written by Larry Helminiak



(Larry Helminiak, successful independent businessman and former chairman of the Carroll County Republican Committee, is perhaps the most seasoned voice in the Maryland conservative base. -ed)

On January 19, the Republican Party won a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, shortly after winning the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia.


Was it a victory FOR Republicans or AGAINST the status quo, regardless of which party is in control?

Remember that in 2006 voters kicked the Republicans out of control of the Congress. In 2008, they gave the White House to the Democrats.

Now they are kicking out Democrats.

Today it should be clear that voters are casting their ballots AGAINST out-of-control and unresponsive government rather than FOR any party, and the future winner will be the party that hears them.

The president has promised us: C-SPAN transparency, bi-partisanship, no taxes on those who earn under $250,000, no overweening special-interest influence, unemployment under 8%, to name a few pledges in his endless campaign.

But on every issue, the president is giving us the opposite.

The Federal government controls much of the auto industry, many banks and insurance companies, education, the mortgage industry, and now makes us get naked at airports or get groped by Transportation Safety Administration workers. Then they take Play Doh away from six-year-olds "for our safety." And of course the voters are angry.

Tea Parties, Town Halls, and the 9/12 events brought out people who have never been involved in political activities before - -showing up to demonstrate against the many current and planned government intrusions into our lives.

The only favorable placards were for Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, or Representative Joe Wilson.

The Republican Party tells us to focus on November.

But the action will be in the primaries, and these contests, from Florida to New York to California, have already begun.

To take the Congress back, we have to convince the frustrated voters that we can run candidates who are against bigger government and higher taxes and more regulation and for personal freedom.

The most common signs at demonstrations were LEAVE US ALONE and GIVE US OUR COUNTRY BACK.

If we fail to field genuinely conservative candidates in the Republican primaries - whether on the state or Federal levels, we will see a surge of "Third Party" faces, which will hand the election to the Democrats, as it did in 1992 when Bill Clinton won with only 43 percent of the vote.

How important is winning the House of Representatives back?

We know that it would kick Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker's chair. But we should also point out that our win would take key committee leadership away from John Conyers (Judiciary), Barney Frank (Financial Services), David Obey (Appropriations), Charles Rangel (Ways and Means), and Henry Waxman (Energy & Commerce).

Winning the House would enable Republicans to restrain the so-called (but dangerous) progressive voices until 2012, when we can elect a new president.

If we fail in 2010, the "progressives" will have two more years of strong control, and it will be impossible to undo much of what they will have done.

What's at stake? The United States of America. That's what.

Remember, your children and your grand children will either thank you or blame you for the country that you gave them in 2010.

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