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Do Not Mistake An Independent For A Moderate



Life is funny. A year ago Barack Obama thought that he had a mandate to rule - not govern, but rule - as a totalitarian dictator. Now, it turns out the only mandate he can count on is dinner and a movie with Representative Bawney Fwank.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the days leading up to Scott Brown's amazing victory in Massachusetts, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of their misbegotten ilk were publicly stating how they would ram socialized healthcare through Congress regardless of the election's outcome.

In the immediate hours following Brown's sweep, they persisted in their tirades, following the arrogant path they have walked since January 20, 2010.

And then, it all changed. Acting as if the veil had been lifted from their eyes, leading liberals suddenly claimed an epiphany. Those folks who attended the tea parties and town meetings last summer - the ones the leftists labeled as radicals, terrorists, and Nazis - were no longer just a bunch of hick malcontents. They were visionaries. The wishes of the electorate, which Obama and company had ignored as simply the drooling grunts of a bunch of stupid citizens, were transformed into the font of all wisdom.

Don't believe a word of this. Liberal politicians change their strategy and alleged "convictions" more often than Howard Hughes changed socks. They are like guys who beat their girlfriends, get dumped, and then show up later claiming they have seen the light, that they have changed, that they are an entirely different person. Do not get sucked in by such idiocy. The liberal elite still see conservatives as hicks and yokels, still wish they could lock them in a gulag and throw away the key. They hate (and no, it's not too strong a word) all any who would disagree with their warped, Utopian dream of a Stalinist state.

 For a few weeks (if that) the liberals are going to blather on about how they want to reach across the aisle, how they want to craft legislation (health care in particular) that truly represents the will of the people. They are going to say a lot of things, because the only way a liberal can win is by lying. Were they to reveal their true selves and beliefs, as Obama did after running his bait and switch game and becoming President of the United States, they would not hold a single public office.

Unfortunately, though this tactic should be obvious to all, it is not. It has worked often in the past, and could work again. Democrats will try and co-opt the conservative message, claim a desire to meet in the middle, attempt to regain power, and then immediately govern from the far left. A strong Republican Party could counter this attempt, but we don't have a strong Republican Party. Conservatives have a chance to boot many a liberal from their seats in 2010, but if they aren't careful, they could blow it all.

Remember Bob Dole? Remember John McCain? Nobody is better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than an out-of-touch, Republican congressman. To avoid catastrophe, the Republicans in Congress need to remember one simple fact. They need to fully understand the message conveyed by all those people who voted for Scott Brown. It's easy, but the career Republicans won't get it unless they're waterboarded with it.

So, to those wishy-washy heads of the GOP, do NOT mistake an independent for a moderate. Do NOT move to the center and craft legislation with socialists, just so you can brag of your bipartisanship. That gets you nowhere. The message that Scott Brown conveyed was simple, blunt, and articulate. All you have to do is stick to conservative principles, say what you mean, and refuse to compromise with the wannabe Trotskyites. Over the last year, feeling that they were unbeatable, the libs came out of the Lenin closest and revealed themselves for what they are. Now is the time for conservatives to do the same, to not be afraid to express their convictions.

This is what the people want. This is what they deserve.

Again, the independent vote was not a cry for middle-of-the-road policy or moderate ambivalence. Brown stated for all to hear that he was against Obamacare, that he was against cap and tax. When asked a question, he didn't try to duck, dodge, and dive. He took the smoothest path in the world, the high road of honesty, and expressed his thoughts. I know this is a difficult task for the honchos of the Republican Party, most of whom engage in an amazing and befuddling display of verbal fence straddling whenever asked as question, but it's what they have to do if they wish to regain power and remain in power.

In an effort to paint themselves as populists, Democrats are going to turn loose an avalanche of lies. They are going to go after Wall Street bankers with unconstitutional legislation (such as Obama's special "bank tax") hoping that Republicans will oppose them and thus be painted as the tools of corporate America. In response, the right has to point out that the banks paid back their TARP loans, and that the Democrats are exempting Fannie May and Freddy Mac from the tax.

The right needs to jump on the soapbox, and go after the one group people hate more than bankers (that would be lawyers) crafting a new healthcare bill that concentrates primarily on tort reform and interstate competition between insurance companies. They need to do this loud, and they need to continuously inform the electorate of what they are doing (because the mainstream media is not going to help them one bit). Republicans need to take action, prove that they are conservatives, and demonstrate to the voters that the REAL party of "No" carries the donkey brand. They need to continually beat the drum, illustrate that a vote from a Democrat is a vote for no freedom, no liberty, no individualism, no prosperity, and no American dream. They need to concentrate upon that which really matters to people - the economy - by insisting upon tax cuts, smaller government, and the proven methods that have resuscitated flagging economies in years past.

The liberals are already trying to falsely claim that Scott Brown's victory has made them realize the error of their ways. I'm not sure if he is delusional or flat-out nuts, but Barack Obama recently said the following:

"Here's my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country: the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years."

The left, those who would steal and mangle the birthright of every American, want you to believe this pile of horse hockey. The truth is almost the exact opposite. People are angry and frustrated with Obama and liberal policies. They are angry and frustrated with being lied to, insulted, and ignored. They are angry and frustrated with the stench of condescension and arrogance that arises from Washington. They are angry and frustrated with massive debt and insane spending.

 Obama can blame George Bush all he wants (and I hope he does, because it's a losing plan) but the blame lands squarely on his shoulders and that of his lackeys. The mood that swept Scott Brown into office is the mood that will sweep out Barack Obama and his band of Merry Marxists.

At least it will if our elected conservatives remember they are conservatives.

At least it will if they don't mistake an independent for a moderate.


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