SEIU Mobilizes and Heads to Massachusetts to Influence the Elections

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We reported last week that Massachusetts was up for grabs.

SEIU has mobilized and will be deployed throughout Massachusetts. They have offices in Boston, Quincy, Northampton, Florence, Hyannis, ,Charlestown, Watertown, and more, and will be out in force to influence the election on Tuesday. The SEIU has been responsible for thuggery and crime. See videos below. Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, The American Patrol Report and the new media across the internet have exposed their tactics of thuggery.

Beware: SEIU's Purple Army marches on Massachusetts

American Patrol Reports

Next Tuesday, a major battle in the war against oppressive government will take place in the home of the original Boston Tea Party - Massachusetts. Barack Obama and the SEIU have chosen to fight for their version of America as they campaign to elect Martha Coakley to the U.S. Senate to fill Ted Kennedy's old seat.
At the same time, the conservative tea party movement is actively supporting GOP candidate Scott Brown. The Tea Party Express has spent more than $200,000 to support Brown and is raising money to do even more.
"If Brown wins this election, it will be the shot heard around the world," said Rhode Island Tea Party President Colleen Conley. "This will be a clear indictment of the Obama presidency and the Democratic Congress overreaching."
"It is ironic that the people of Massachusetts will once again be called upon to take action against an oppressive government," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report.
Support for the Brown campaign can be channeled through his Web site, or that of the Tea Party Express.


BigGovernment's article:

SEIU! SEIU! SEIU!: Obama Pledges to "Paint the Nation Purple"

SEIU Local 880, based in Chicago, is one of the largest SEIU union locals. It was founded and has been long controlled by ACORN and Wade Rathke. This recently uncovered video shows presidential candidate Barack Obama discussing his long and close ties to SEIU. This is not your typical political pandering. This is someone who feels at home, talking to close friends and family.

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