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Missouri Moves to Nullify Federal Mandates and Takeovers on Health Care

A growing number of States are moving to protect their citizens from the mammoth encroachment of Federal programs and mandates looming on health care take overs and cap and trade bills.

JEFFERSON CITY - Representative Tim Jones, R-Eureka, and Senate Sponsor State Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, have announced legislation designed to protect health care freedom for Missourians.

Rep. Tim Jones pre-filed Tuesday (12/15) a proposed state constitutional amendment that would protect Missourians from federal health care mandates and guarantee they can choose their own health care and insurance options. Representative Jones' proposed House Joint Resolution 57 would also protect small business owners from fines for declining to participate in some new federal government health care mandates. Senator Cunningham has filed an identical measure in the Senate.

"We want to protect a Missourian's basic right to make their own health care insurance decisions without encroachment from the federal government," Rep. Jones said. "I am thrilled by the support I have received by my colleagues in the General Assembly in seeking to protect this right in our state's constitution."

The proposed legislation adds Missouri to a list of 24 other states calling for legislation or state constitutional amendments to guard citizens against attempts to socialize health care through the "public option" health care mandate and other mandates currently under consideration by Congress. Arizona already has such a measure on its 2010 ballot.

The measure is co-sponsored by 75 members in the Missouri House and over half of the Missouri Senate.  For further information about Rep. Jones or this legislation, please visit his website at or contact his office at 573-751-0562.


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