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Palin Goes Rogue On The Media

Sarah Palin met the press at the storied Washington Gridiron Club's annual winter dinner, and this time she got the best of the media elite with cutting humor.

Here are the media-related highlights I pulled from conservative blogger Don Surber's recap:

  • Palin_going_roguePalin did not include a traditional index in her best-selling book, "Going Rogue," so she created one for the benefit of reporter. It has only two entries: "A -- Alaska, media not understanding it, page 1-432"; and "B -- Biased, Page 1-432."
  • "It's good to be here though, really, in front of this audience of leading journalists and intellectuals, or as I like to call it, a death panel."
  • "Sometimes you just got to trust your instincts. And when you don't, you end up in places like this."
  • "At least now I can put a face to the newspapers I do read."

As Surber said, self-effacing humor works best in venues like the Gridiron Club. That explains why Palin poked fun at herself with references to death panels and the newspapers she reads, both of which involved statements she has made. But those punchlines have the extra benefit of taking jabs at biased reporters who pounce on every word she says when they can be used to make her look bad.

In the end, the journalists are the ones who end up looking bad. Palin gets the last laugh.


K. Daniel Glover is the online communications strategist for AIM for Accuracy In Media. He has worked as an editor, writer and new media specialist in the Washington area since 1991, spending most of that time at National Journal and Congressional Quarterly.

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