Protesters At Al Gore Book Signing an Inconvenient Truth

Written by RSN


Apparently about the only heat Al Gore is noticing recently is coming from those who don't buy either his global warming fantasy or his books. Mr. Gore seems to be encountering more and more people asking him some really inconvenient questions.

Idiots_Guide_To_AGWGore was at the book store promoting the just released "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis." [That is the real title of his book, not the one pictured here, although I really sort of like the one pictured, possible it may have been considered as an alternate title?] Fans showed up to get his autograph and opponents came to challenge his message. Guess which group was forcibly removed from the book store? Members of the group, We Are Change, being the most outspoken of Gore's naysayers at the former vice president's appearance were manhandled by Gore's security...

The group, We are Change Chicago, organized the protest. Many of the activists from the group asked Mr. Gore inconvenient questions, such as why the IPCC hasn't published any data on sunspots, and if Gore had heard of the 30,000+ scientists who are trying to sue him for fraud. Each time, the activists were un-gently removed by security for merely asking the questions. Gore made no response to any of the questions. Perhaps Mr. Gore employed the age old adage "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

We are Change reported:

The press was waiting outside Borders. They wanted to find out who this group was, that dared question what the elite had forced us to consume as truth. WBBM news radio, 780, ran a sound bite of WAC Chicago, WGN news ran footage, Medill Reports wrote an article, and blog posts were popping up all over the internet about the Al Gore confrontation in Chicago. Many also asked about the footage of WAC Chicago chasing after Gore's SUV after the event. You will find all of it in this video. Al Gore was confronted multiple times in line, outside the event as he rushed to his waiting Mercedes SUV, (were you expecting something electric?), and once again in the streets of Chicago. We Are Change had people outside with signs, banners, fliers, and DVDs. Activists were inside asking questions and demanding answers; the world is waking up, it's a great time to be alive.

A complete, 6-minute long video of the protest can be found on their website.

A growing number of people, armed with facts, figures and real data that wasn't manipulated, seem to be less than polite to him and he hasn't been able to bully, buy or bluff his way out of these embarrassing situations. Consequently, about the only press he is getting these days is "bad press" or being "pressed" for a little bit of truth for a change. And being confronted with truth truly is inconvenient for Gore.


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