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Democrats are Waterboarding the American Public With Abusive, Bad Legislation

Democrats are Waterboarding the American Public With Abusive, Bad Legislation

Get the feeling that it is a constant deluge of horrific legislation spewing out of D.C.?  Of course, Americans don't have the luxury of even having our rights read to us before this torture began.  Bucket after bucket of non-stop flow of legislation pouring out.Have you ever seen such urgency?  Remember Queen Nancy Pelosi's hysterical admonishment?: "Every month we do not have an Economic Recovery Package 500 million Americans loose their jobs. . ."

Approximately-one-million-assemble-protesting-our-government-in-Washington-DC-on-September-12-2009-tea-party500 Million EVERY month?  Really, Nancy?  Wow, hmmmm, just how many American citizens, working age, are there in the whole country again?  Yeah,  ok.

The Democrats in both the House and Senate are in full tilt mode now, creating new Chicken Little crisis and emergency, one after another.  They are feeling the heat generated by the TeaParties, they are remembering the last "break" they took, remembering what 1.7 million American Patriots looked like surrounding the White House on September 12, and the town hall meetings where they got an ear-full from the people who hired them...  and if they don't straighten up, the people who will fire them in 2010.

protest_signSo, take note of what these elected officials who are there to work for We The People did just today!. . .

58 Senate Democrats just voted to protect a half-trillion-dollar cut to Medicare

The Bennet Amendment # 2826 (re: Medicare benefits) passed 100-0.

The McCain Motion to Commit the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) to committee and remove the Medicare cuts failed 42-58. Senators Webb and Nelson voted with Republicans in favor of Senator McCain's amendment.

We do not yet know what amendments will be considered next.

Leader McConnell's statement following the vote is below:

Kentucky U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, in an immediate release memo, to keep Americans up to the minute, reports:

A Vote Against Medicare

Democrats vote 'to use Medicare as a piggy-bank to fund their new government programs'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement Thursday regarding Senate Democrats' vote to keep a half-trillion dollar cut to Medicare in the Reid bill:

"If anyone had any question about the Democrat plan to use Medicare as a piggy-bank to fund their new government programs, those doubts are now gone. 58 Democrats just voted to reject a common-sense proposal to protect senior's health care from a half-trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare.  Only in Washington would anyone have the nerve to claim that such drastic cuts won't harm the very program millions of seniors have paid into for years and now rely on." 


Prepared for distribution by
Lanier Swann
Policy Advisor
Office of the Republican Leader
Senator Mitch McConnell
S-230, Capitol


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