The ObamaCare Health Bill by the Numbers!

Written by Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.


Josh Trent - Legislative Assistant for Health Policy

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

Sen. Coburn used this breakdown of the Democrat's health bill just a few moments ago on the Senate Floor.

Prepared PDF slide:

0 - provisions guaranteeing taxpayers do not finance abortion

0 - provisions prohibiting the rationing of health care

0 - number of senators required to enroll in the new government-run plan

8 - number of new taxes created in the bill, according to JCT analysis

13 - pages in the bill's table of contents

20.8 - pounds the bill weighs printed out

36 - pages in the CBO estimate of the price tag

70 - government programs authorized by the bill

1,697 - times the Secretary of Health and Human Services is given authority to create, determine, or define things in the bill

2,074 - pages in the bill

3,607 - uses of the word "shall" in the bill

$6.8 million - cost to taxpayers per word

24 million - people left without health insurance

$1.2 billion - cost to taxpayers per page

$5-$10 billion - additional funding needed for the IRS to implement the bill

$8 billion -taxes levied on uninsured individuals

$25 billion -additional Medicaid mandates placed on states

$28 billion -new taxes on employers not providing government approved plans

$100 billion - estimated annual fraud in Medicare and Medicaid

$118 billion -cuts to Medicare Advantage

$465 billion - total cuts to Medicare

$494 billion - revenue from new taxes/fees levied on American families and businesses   

$2.5 trillion - cost for full implementation of the legislation

$12 trillion - total U.S. national debt

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