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You CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover Al Gore!

Al Gore's Book Cover Altered to Decieve Buyers to think "lies are facts".

Al Gore, you are a scoundrel! You refuse to debate Lord Monckton on your own findings and now you alter the cover of your own book by changing geographic and satellite imagery to promote your twisted agenda for the purpose of creating Gore Wealth and a Gore Legacy.  All the while your actions will "gore" the American Citizen. Shame on you and the truth always prevails, sir, always.

When the editor of Right Side News heard about this one on the Rush Limbaugh show today and then saw the visual evidence on, and Prison Planet...this is totally amazing that the "TV media" with the likes of idiots like Chris Matthews has not picked up on this.

Apparently the "TV Media" are allies of "Gore the Deceiver", and it's time we turn off the "TV Media" them! ...and get active in your local grassroots organizations and political processes.

We need to take the Pulitzer from the liar Gore and present this to the person who discovered his lie on the cover of his new book.

We have NO HOPE for the current administration, deceivers like Monster Gore and CHANGE back to conservative values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the constraints and mandates of Big Brother bullying, twisted values and deceptive practices like Gore's global warming FICTION.  Take his new book and catagorize it as SF!, because it IS!

Now, my fellow Americans, see for yourself the altered book cover of Al Core the Deceiver..

Al Gore's new book had a problem - no big hurricanes since Katrina to put in the book to look "threatening" to the USA. Any imagined link between hurricanes and global warming has evaporated.

Solution: the artists airbrush.

Ryan Maue, hurricane expert from the University of Florida writes:




The cover opens and closes half and half - so you only see one in the press release photo or the one on Amazon

The cover opens and closes half and half - so you only see one in the press release photo or the one on Amazon.

But this is the real picture sequence from the book which I looked at Borders today and took cell-phone pictures, original (before the retouching by some "artist") Note all of the Arctic ice and the size of the Florida Peninsula...and the final product:




A midget Southern Hemisphere cyclone is off the coast of Florida, another hurricane is sitting on the equator off the coast of Peru - and the Arctic Ice is gone (perhaps it is summer) and the Florida Peninsula is half gone

There are other differences I am sure you can find - but the hurricanes are just nonsense...


Here's the book cover:



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