Health Care Press Conference November 5, 2009

Written by RTP Press Release


Michelle Bachmann, Randy Forbes, Eric Cantor and others will be holding a Press Conference about Health Care on the Capitol Steps at Noon tomorrow.

Hundreds of Richmond Tea Party members will be on hand as concerned citizens from  across the region join together to Take a Stand Against Government Run Health Care.  Our members are traveling by car and bus and train.  If you plan to be there, please join the Virginia Tea Party delegation at 11:30 on the East Steps of the Capitol.  Look for the tall "Virginia" sign. 

After the press conference, you will have time to try to meet your representatives.  If you have not yet obtained an appointment, if may be difficult to do so, but it shouldn't prevent you from trying.

The major objective of this event is to derail the Health Care proposals that have been put forth in the House and Senate. When you meet with your Congressman or Senator please be prepared to discuss the specific provisions that really set your hair on fire.   (There is plenty of reading material on the home page of the website to help you with this).

Randy Forbes has an excellent video that he just released today about the Health Care bill in its current form. 

If you cannot attend tomorrow, please call your Congressman and ask him to Vote NO on the Pelosi plan.  Harry Reid has yet to put forth his plan, but we should expect it will be ugly.   It doesn't hurt to Call Senators Warner and Webb to tell them specific proposals you think are heinous and an assault on our liberty.  (Aside from the fact that any government health care mandate is unconstitutional.)

If you cannot call, please fax or send an email.

Contact info for our Reps can be found on the website.

The battle is still in the early stages....EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.........Thank you for being willing to continue to fight when others have quit.

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