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Climate Fools Day Conference 28th October

The public is the biggest's loser as Greenpeace and the Met Office do not make the effort to turn up at the "Climate Fools Day" conference to learn what has changed our climate in the past 60 years and what will change our climate in the next 100.

What was hailed as the first public meeting to oppose the UK climate bill, The "Climate Fools Day" Anniversary Conference, convened by Piers Corbyn and, was in fact the launch of a long awaited public address to the advances in the Solar Weather Forecasting technique. Piers did not disappoint, he gave a brilliant demonstration of his forecasting principals that put the CO2 industry to shame.

PiersThe wasted billions of the "Man Made Climate Change" worshipers in their pursuit of seeing "The Emperors New Clothes" has not delivered anything so far, and neither will it ever deliver anything in the future, apart from requests for even more finance to appease an ever increasing skeptical public that has seen the "Emperor" laid bare.

The conference, held at the Imperial collage, London, drew the attention of the BBC with Roger Harrabin and Richard Black, but no representatives from Greenpeace or more importantly, no members of the UK Met Office took the bait to see the WORLD NUMBER ONE long range weather forecaster play to many of his supporters.

The fact of the matter is, the Met Office are found wanting when it comes to going beyond a few days with their weather forecasting methods, and no matter how big their computer, its not going to do the job without Piers Corbyn's Solar Weather Forecasting Technique, using HIS formulas and HIS very experienced knowledge of astrophysics.

If you wanted a world leading weather forecasting service, then the combined efforts of Piers Corbyn working alongside the Met Office would certainly be second to non. But alas the Met Office have their heads planted firmly in the sand or rather CO2, and any attempt to remove it by Piers Corbyn would have to be sanctioned by the IPCC. Realistically, that is very unlikely to happen, and ALL of us are worse off. For Piers to be able to predict the probability and location of a typhoon or major hurricane months in advance MUST save lives in the long term.

This is a taster of what he can do.....Piers gave the following long range weather prediction for the UK, and this has been known for several months, and those of us that are skeptical of listening to anyone giving a long range weather forecast of more than a few days had better take note.

Piers has publicly announced the high probability of a "Sea Storm Surge" off the east coast of the British isles in Mid November, the last time he did that (2007) the Norfolk sea defenses held back the high tide by only four inches. Had this defense been breached, the region would have suffered untold damage.

The story of that particular prediction never made the press, but if the BBC reporters at this conference are true to their word, Piers will undoubtedly be mentioned In dispatches, if the "Sea Surge" prediction becomes a reality. No doubt, he will also be mentioned if it fails to materialise.

After a great contributions via Web-Ex video from Joe D'Aleo a Councilor of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), and Dr Kirill Kuzanyan Solar Physicist from Moscow and a messages of support from Viscount Christopher Monckton of Brenchley who went on to say

Congratulations to Piers Corbyn and everyone at WeatherAction on the latest advances in their solar forecasting technique. Who needs a Met Office supercomputer with the carbon footprint of a small town, when the behavior of the Sun provides a more efficient and environmentally-acceptable forecasting solution? Now that measurement has definitively established anthropogenic "global warming" to be bunk, the British taxpayer could save a fortune by abolishing the Met Office and all other government departments that credulously believed in the alarmist nonsense peddled by the self-serving IPCC, and switching to WeatherAction instead. Three cheers for private enterprise, and for WeatherAction! - Monckton of Brenchley

Dr David Bellamy renowned naturalist gave a broadside to the stupid activity of the London Science museum (situated next door to the Conference) who have tried to use propaganda to influence the public on an opinion poll for "Man Made Climate Change". He also gave mention to the tree ring fiasco that had supported the discredited "Hockey Stick".

Other speakers included: Hans Schreuder Analytic chemist ridiculed the so called science behind CO2: Prof Philip Hutchinson Energy Expert demonstrated the perfect and unused energy source, The SUN : Peter Gill Expert on various Climate Influence mechanisms went through the arithmetic that supported how small "Man Made CO2" was.

Sammy Wilson DUP MP for East Antrim and former Environment Minister for The Northern Ireland Assembly rocked the audience with a humorous speech concerning how the Met Office could not produce a five month forecast to predict summer or winter and yet had gone on record to say a 50 year ahead forecast would be a lot easier.


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