Lord Monckton's Debut On B-Cast Puts Another Nail In Copenhagen's Coffin

Written by Kirsten E. Lombard


In his mission to sound an alarm concerning the Copenhagen Treaty, Lord Christopher Monckton, former science policy advisor to Lady Margaret Thatcher, continues his tour of lectures and meetings here in the United States. On Friday, October 23rd, his Lordship joined Breitbart.TV's The B-Cast for a generous and highly informative interview that lasted over an hour. The discussion revealed much about the degree to which first the American people and now U.S. legislators have begun to respond to the threat the treaty poses to U.S. sovereignty.

Monckton possesses a thorough familiarity with the climate change debate and the science surrounding it. So knowledgeable is he on the research - examples both good and bad - that he can cite studies, authors, publication dates, facts, and figures instantaneously without reference to notes. But it's not a party trick designed to impress. He tells people straight out not to be dazzled by his words. He consistently encourages anyone to whom he speaks about these matters to check the facts for themselves. Fortunately, for those who follow him that may not be scientifically or mathematically inclined, Monckton can also discuss this enormous array of scientific information in plain language and with great facility, a skill evident in his discussion with the B-Cast's Scott Baker and Liz Stephens.

For those of you who have not either read my own previous articles on the Copenhagen treaty (available via my own blog or on RightSideNews 1st article & 2nd article) or viewed Lord Monckton's October 14th lecture at Bethel University (with accompanying slide deck), I would highly recommend that you take the time to inform yourself. As Lord Monckton made clear once again in his B-Cast interview, this treaty is "a dagger aimed straight at the heart" of the United States and the freedom it represents in the world. The reparations the treaty would force us to pay in "climate debt" to the less-developed world would almost certainly result only in impoverishment here and elsewhere with the transfer of hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into the Swiss bank accounts of dictators in third-world nations around the globe. Even if global warming were a real issue - which Richard Lindzen's recent, painstaking study now clearly indicates it isn't - this treaty would do nothing to solve it.

The treaty contains another devastating provision that has already survived several rounds of international negotiation. The unelected government it aims to establish would have the right directly to intervene in the economies and markets of all signatories. The free market - already so plagued by meddling - would be regulated, controlled, and directed to such a degree that it would essentially cease to exist.

In relationship to the curtailment of freedom that the Copenhagen treaty would bring, Monckton quoted Thomas Jefferson: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every tyranny over the mind of man."

"How much worse," his Lordship elaborated, "is a tyranny over the countries of the world - a centralized, bureaucratic tyranny, which is effectively what this treaty would set up - purely for political purpose."

Monckton is open about not only his admiration of the United States but also his entirely rational fear that it could disappear. "I don't want to see it all pass away so that the memory of democracy of government - of the people, by the people, for the people - becomes just that, merely a memory. I want to retain the reality. And the only way to retain the reality is to be extremely vigilant when negotiating a treaty whose...draft is as radically anti-democratic as this one."

Interestingly, his Lordship remarked early in the B-Cast interview that he was perhaps slightly cheeky for having taken it upon himself to speak directly to the American people about the threat posed to them by the environmental treaty at Copenhagen. While I tend, in general, to agree fully with him on many matters, here I must disagree with Monckton. I feel sure he will concur upon understanding my reasoning.

Speaking first to the American people falls entirely in keeping with the true spirit in which this country was established. Our Founding Fathers envisioned the government of this great nation as a pyramid. The people lay at the broad base of that theoretical structure-not because they were less important, but rather because they held the greatest amount of power. Each successive level of government held fewer people and less power in becoming further removed from the base.

So, my very dear Lord Monckton, let me say to you personally that in this matter, I don't consider you cheeky at all. As a citizen of the nation we have long considered our closest ally, you have appealed first to precisely the correct body - the wise and powerful American people. Many, including me, thank you for your comprehension, vision, and boldness in doing so. Too many have forgotten, including sometimes us, that we are the true masters of this land. You have not. Bravo! You now see, I hope, your Lordship, that your decision to take the direct path is already having a powerful effect as individuals and groups across the United States stand to ensure that this country is protected against those who would undermine her. We have heard you. We are taking action.

Having started with the base, Monckton subsequently worked his way to Capitol Hill for meetings with top legislators this past week. During the B-Cast interview, Liz Stephens inquired as to just how informed federal legislators had been, if at all, on the subject of the Copenhagen treaty. His Lordship replied that, rather unsurprisingly, it had barely appeared as a blip on their radar screen. Other pressing matters such as health care have proven extremely absorbing. However, he's been told that since his speaking tour has begun here in the U.S., federal legislative offices have been bombarded with letters, emails, and phone calls expressing concern over the Copenhagen treaty. This outcry on the part of voters has begun to make a decided impression. In fact, the UK's October 24th edition of TimesOnline announced that President Obama himself may not even attend the conference in Copenhagen now, much less sign a treaty there. It would seem our concern is making him skittish. Make no mistake, however. For reasons discussed below, we need to remain vigilant.

On October 17th, his Lordship had informed me that Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was working to help him get the word out about both the Copenhagen treaty and the global warming lie by which it justifies itself. Late last night, we had another brief exchange in which I asked if he could share who else on Capitol Hill has been helpful in this regard. Monckton replied that within the last few days he has had an hour with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions plans to give the Copenhagen treaty a good deal of public attention over the next few weeks. When readers of this article contact their own legislators to share the facts about the treaty, I would ask that they also reach out to Senators Hatch and Sessions both to encourage and thank them for their stand against this nefarious document and the sheer ruin it would bring.

Based on what he's hearing in Washington, Lord Monckton doesn't feel that the Obama administration could by any means get the two-thirds super-majority necessary to ratify the Copenhagen treaty should he sign it. However, we need to be very clear that elements within this administration were expressing well before the election that they did not care for the two-thirds majority rule as expressed in Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Treaty Clause. Rather, these elements see the clause as an impediment to precisely the sort of international agreements to which they would increasingly like to bind us. If Obama doesn't sign the treaty in Copenhagen, don't expect it necessarily to go away. Watch for it to reappear by a different road.

As I've discussed previously, the administration could also potentially attempt to bypass the two-thirds majority stipulated in the Treaty Clause by slipping the Copenhagen treaty through as domestic legislation. Doing so would require only a simple majority in both houses. With people now waking up, Monckton is skeptical that even this method could work. However, we have seen in recent days the underhanded and bullying tactics with which our current Congress is willing to maneuver to get its pet legislative projects through the process. No one should rest easy.

The B-Cast's interview with Lord Monckton makes excellent listening. It informs in a variety of ways. Those looking for the science should pay special attention to the last fifteen minutes or so of the broadcast. It is there that Monckton raises a series of hot button issues to which environmentalists generally point to convince people of their case for global warming. His Lordship considers everything from polar sea ice and the Sahara Desert to hurricane activity. Not to be missed.

Finally, for those who've been awaiting word, his Lordship will appear with former U.N. ambassador John Bolton on Glenn Beck's Fox News televsion program live on Friday, October 30th at 5pm EST. Beck plans to devote the entire hour to an exploration and discussion of the Copenhagen treaty. As his Lordship put it at the close of his B-Cast interview, "Be there or be square.".


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