Misunderstood Terrorist & Islam - Spreading Hate and Warfare

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Boston jihad suspect misunderstood Islam on his blog, spreading messages of hatred and warfare against unbelievers

Now where did he get these crazy ideas about the Religion of Peace? Why is it that all the multitudinous Misunderstanders of Islam seem to misunderstand Islam in the same way? "Suspect allegedly mused about martyrdom on blog," by Edward Mason and Laura Crimaldi for the Boston Herald, October 22 (thanks to James):

Tarek_MehannaTerrorism suspect Tarek Mehanna kept a blog where he allegedly spread a message of hate, railing against U.S. abuse of Gitmo prisoners, offering interpretations of the Koran and chatting online with his virtual followers.

The FBI also contends the blog, called Milestones on the Road to Firmness in Faith, was just one tech tool he allegedly used to call for violent jihad.

Many of the blog's pages are devoted to translations of writings of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, a cleric and spritual guide to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former head of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

It also includes writings from Sayid Qutb and Abdullah Azzam, whom the FBI calls "influential advocates of jihad."

Among the blog's postings:

* A March 13 entry with a photo of blindfolded Gimto terror detainees behind barbed wire and the verse: "I feel down when I see the heroes chained by the despicable and the worthless." It goes on to ask Allah to "cause the world to suffocate" their imprisoners.
* An Oct. 3 entry called "The Hypcrites [sic] of Today," which challenges Muslims he calls hypocrites.
* A final entry, on Oct. 14, on "Advice on Dealing with the Family," urging patience with family members who don't agree with a person's principles.

Mehanna also is credited by the FBI with posting a poem titled "Make Martyrdom what you Seek."

An FBI search of his computer yielded al-Qaeda propaganda, photos of him smiling at Ground Zero in New York and evidence he reveled in the death of American soldiers overseas.

Mehanna also sought out Web links to a video tribute for the 9/11 hijackers and described New York as "the land of rape" in a 2006 communication....


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