Obama and the Graveyard of Empires

Written by Frank Creel


ARLINGTON, VA -- You read it here first: There is a 50-50 chance that President Obama will not get his party's nomination in 2012, much less be re-elected, so grave have been his policy errors. Presidents rarely escape the consequences of serious misjudgments.

Andrew Johnson came within a vote of being removed from office after underestimating the power of the radical reconstructionists.

Harry Truman, after firing General MacArthur and trying to seize the steel mills, decided not to run for re-election when his popularity fell to 22 percent.

Lyndon Johnson made the same decision after it became clear his policies in Vietnam were losing support. Richard Nixon, who overwhelmingly won re-election in 1972, was forced to resign less than two years later because he bungled his response to a third-rate burglary.

Jerry Ford never got a full term because he pardoned Nixon. Jimmy Carter weathered a primary challenge by Ted Kennedy but still lost re-election because few Americans thought he had the cojones to tackle the Soviets, the mullahs, and the misery index.

Bill Clinton was impeached because in a priapic fever he choked on the definition of "is." George W. Bush destroyed his presidency in a fit of pique against Saddam Hussein.

Obama's mistakes already make these precedential misjudgments look like peccadilloes.

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