Global Warming Profiteers Exposed: AGW Is Not and Never Was A Crisis

Written by Bob Ellis - ClimateRealists.com


Christopher Monckton says in the July 2009 issue of SPPI Monthly CO2 Report that it simply cannot be credibly argued that anthropogenic global warming is some kind of catastrophe warranting the sacrifice of our freedom and prosperity.

No longer can it be credibly argued that "global warming" is worse than previously thought. No longer can it be argued that "global warming" was, is, or will be any sort of global crisis. Recent papers in the peer-reviewed literature, combined with streams of data from satellites and thermometers, now provide a complete picture of why it is that the UN's climate panel, the worldwide political class, and other "global warming" profiteers are wrong in their assumption that the enterprises of humankind will disastrously warm the Earth.


The global surface temperature record, which we update and publish every month, has shown no statistically-significant "global warming" for almost 15 years. Statistically-significant global cooling has now persisted for very nearly eight years. Even a strong el Nino - expected in the coming months - will be unlikely to reverse the cooling trend.

More significantly, the ARGO bathythermographs deployed throughout the world's oceans since 2003 show that the top 400 fathoms of the oceans, where it is agreed between all parties that at least 80% of all heat caused by manmade "global warming" must accumulate, have been cooling over the past six years. That now prolonged ocean cooling is fatal to the "official" theory that "global warming" will happen on anything other than a minute scale.

Even before this, there was a host of information that tells any reasonable person that the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is full of hot air and nothing else.

As Melanie Phillips at the Spectator points out, claims of "consensus" are a joke (as does the 30,000 scientists who have signed the Oregon Petition against anthropogenic global warming) based on sloppy, flawed and disingenuous "science." This includes Al Gore's favorite toy: the discredited "hockey stick."

As I said a couple of days ago as I cataloged just a few of those facts:

If Greenland was warm enough 1,000 years ago (when there were no SUVs or power plants) to be colonized by the Vikings and sustain vineyards, then the current state of the climate (when most of Greenland is covered by ice) cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If temperature data going back hundreds of years (long before there were SUVs driven by evilcapitalists) tracks with solar activity (and it does) including colder and warmer periods, then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If NASA data agrees with other data that solar activity is cyclic and corresponds to global temperature (and it does), then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

When we see solar activity diminish, and we see global temperatures level off correspondingly (while human industrial activity has not diminished), then recent global warming cannot be rationally blamed on human activity.

If historical examination of the Peruvian ice cap shows higher global temperatures in the past (when there were no SUVs and coal-burning power plants), then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If other planets like Mars and Jupiter (where there are no evil capitalist-driven SUVs and coal-burning power plants) are warming, too (and they are), then current global temperatures on earth cannot be rationally blamed on human activity.

Even the claims of Gore and other earth-worshippers that there is "consensus" and this is "settled science" are a farce, with thousands of scientists refusing to drink the Koolaid and scientific organizations around the world declaring the emperor has no clothes, blowing claims of "consensus" completely out of the water.

In other words, if we open our eyes and take a look around us and at history, and we see global temperatures and temperature changes in the past that obviously had nothing to do with human industrial activity (because there was no industrial activity), it quickly becomes apparent that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is ludicrous in the extreme.

This is nothing but a manufactured "crisis" designed to (a) keep plenty of taxpayer-funded research dollars flowing to scientists and bureaucrats who would rather make an easy buck than do something useful, and (b) engineer the government control and wealth redistribution that socialists have long yearned for.

The asinine cap and trade global warming tax passed in the House by a thin margin in June, and now socialists in the Senate are looking to sneak an even worse version of it past the American people.

The socialists in congress either haven't figured out that this snake oil doesn't sell anymore and this record doesn't spin anymore, or they flat don't care that the American people see through their scam.

But they're going to find out big-time at the voting booth if they insist on pushing this assault on the American people and our way of life into law...


References, fact citations, supporting documentation, and other links to supporting studies may be found throughout the relevant articles at ClimateRealists.com.

Climate Realists formerly CO2Skeptics is a well established, fact based and informed opinion website:

Being a Climate Realist does not mean that you are against being "green" or that you are ignorant about environmental issues such as recycling or objecting to the burning of fossil fuels that poison and contaminate the atmosphere in which we live and breathe. As far as we are concerned a Climate Realist is someone who believes there is a more logical explanation to the increase in global temperatures that we have experienced in the last few decades.

The AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) Media have named the recent changes to the Earth's climate with "Man Made" descriptions purely out of ignorance. The real cause of "Climate Change" can be attributed to "Solar Variation" and it would be of no surprise to us if terms like "Natural Forcing", "Solar Climate Change" and "Solar Climate Forcing" are common place phrases to use in the future to correctly describe the changes in the Earth's Climate.

The aims and objectives of this site are to draw attention to the real explanations as to what has made our climate change and also to voice an educated opinion against the unscientific and unsubstantiated reasoning behind "green taxation". A Green Tax on pollution is one thing but not in the name of reducing climate change, that is something we have no control over and simply have to learn how to adapt.

Climate Realists will actively promote the proposition that there is no such thing as "Man Made Climate Change", until the World's Governments recognize that Climate Change and Man Made Pollution are two separate issues and not part of the same problem as currently promoted by "Climate Change Journalists" from the AGW Media. "Government funded scientists" who make up and exaggerate climate research for the sole purpose of obtaining large grants will undoubtedly come unstuck as the world becomes cooler and CO2 continues to rise.




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