The IRS Will Enforce the Pelosi Baucus Obama Health Plan

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The Senate Finance Committee is set to resume its consideration of the health care plan outlined by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) today.    Those in the mainstream media and Senator Baucus himself have tried to market this supposedly "new" plan as a more moderate, bi-partisan compromise, however, no other members of the negotiating "Gang of Six," or any other U.S. Senator for that matter, was willing to stand beside Sen. Baucus when he unveiled his plan last week.     Rasmussen reported yesterday that 56% of Americans now oppose ObamaCare.  Even worse, the increasing list of defeated amendments in the Senate Finance committee is revealing the true intentions of the Baucus plan to be just as radical as H.R. 3200.   Here are a few things you should know about the Baucus bill and what is developing in the Senate:


 "If there is a willful failure to file, pay, or maintain appropriate records and the  like [...] the taxpayer may be charged with a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to  $25,000 and not more than one year in jail.  Felony tax evasion provides for  restitution and a fine of up to $100,000 for an individual and up to five years in  jail."

  This bill is moving through committee quickly, so your calls are needed to slow it down!  Each day, we are learning that it is increasingly likely that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will maneuver to bypass the traditional 60 vote threshold needed to proceed with this bill in order to pass ObamaCare with a simple majority (51 votes) via the budget reconciliation process.  Don't let Congress think the American people have cooled down the opposition. The time to light up the Capitol switchboard is now!  

In addition to your own Senators, please call the Senators who sit on the Senate Finance Committee and tell them that the Baucus bill is just as radical and dangerous as H.R. 3200 and that you expect them to oppose it!  Also, please be sure to urge support for the Hatch amendment while you are making your calls!

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