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Ex-Muslim Teen's Parents Attend Radical Mosque


Rifqa Bary is under Florida protection from being the victim of an Islamic 'honor killing'

September 4, 2009 - At a hearing on Thursday, a Florida judge ruled that Rifqa Bary would remain in Florida under the protection of the Department of Children and Families. He urged the parents of Bary and her lawyer, John Stemberg, to engage in mediation to resolve the conflict. 

Bary is a 17-year-old girl who fled from her home in Ohio to avoid being killed by her Muslim father for converting to Christianity. Bary is currently in a foster home in Florida and under the protection of the Department of Children and Families. Her lawyer has stated that Rifqa endured physical violence from her father and sexual abuse from an uncle. Her mother was apparently aware of the sexual abuse but did nothing. (Women in fundamentalist Islamic households have no rights.)

According to Bary, her father threatened to kill her. She told reporters: "In a fit of anger that I had never seen before in my life, he picked up my lap top, waived it over my head as if to strike me with it and said, 'If you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me! You are no longer my daughter.' I continued to remain silent and then he said to me even more angry than before, 'I will kill you! Tell me the truth!'"

Bary's parents went on "Good Morning America" claiming that they love their daughter and have no objection to her practicing Christianity in their home. (In Islam, it is okay to lie to "infidels.") As more facts emerge about Rifqa Bary's father, it is becoming clear that her concerns about being killed are real. Her father and mother attend the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, which is a hotbed of terrorist-linked activities. The father is clearly a strict fundamentalist Muslim who adheres to Shariah Law - a cruel system of law that demands the killing of apostates - those who leave Islam.

The Florida Security Council (FSC) has investigated the Noor Islamic Cultural Center and submitted a detailed brief to the Florida judge overseeing Bary's case.

The FSC has found, for example:

  • The man who founded the Noor center is Hani Sakir, who is connected to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

  • The resident Islamic scholar is Salan Sulton, who is out of the country - and is not permitted to return because of his terrorist ties.

  • The Noor center invites radical Islamic scholars like Sharazh Wahazh who has terrorist ties.

  • The FBI is investigating the Noor center for its involvement in training Somali boys for overseas jihad.

Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy recently held an online discussion of Rifqa Bary's case and her father's involvement in this extremist mosque. During this discussion, an ex-Muslim and author Noni Darwish discussed the dangers she still faces from leaving Islam - and the dangers that Rifqa Bary faces if she is returned to her parents.

Darwish stated:

I really cannot imagine how frightened this girl is because we adults who left Islam in America, we are scared. We're living in constant fear. Because according to Islamic law, we must be killed. And that's not just radical Islam. That's all schools of Islamic law. Whether you're Sunni or Shia or all the branches of schools. A person who leaves Islam must be killed. Period. No doubt about it.

The problem is we, many Muslims who leave the Middle East for the West, thinking they are being protected, we discover, when we're in America, we are not protected, because radical Islam follows us here. They install all these radical Muslim mosques, paid for by Saudi Arabia, threatening us and having just a subculture of tyranny in America. Preventing us from assimilating. Trying to live as American citizens. Let alone becoming, choosing to become atheists, or Christians, and the ingenious part about Islamic law is it did not leave the persecution of apostates to the government or to the police. Under Islamic law, any Muslim who kills an apostate will not be punished. Just like any Muslim who kills and adulterer will not be punished.

Darwish is deeply concerned about Rifqa Bary's safety if she is returned to her father. Here's why:

My prediction: if she is sent back to her family, they will send her in a month or so, back to her country [Sri Lanka]. And over there, they claim they are insane. And what happens is they go to a mental institution to pressure them psychologically to leave and become Muslims again. And if they don't, they kill them. And that's what's going to happen to that girl. We're going to hand her to death if we hand her back to that mosque and to her family. And I'm not saying that her family is necessarily bad people. Her father might not be a murderer or a mass murderer, no. But the pressure on families of apostates is so great.

Pam Geller Interviews Bary Friend

Atlas Shrugs blogger Pam Geller was an eyewitness at the Rifqa Bary hearing and interviewed one of Rifqa's friends, Jamal Jivanjee. He is an ex-Muslim and is pastor of a church in the Columbus, Ohio area. Rifqa listened to one of Jivanjee's sermons online and she contacted him for counsel.

According to Jivanee, "Her faith is very real, and as a matter of fact it's more real than my own faith. And it challenged me, so I stayed in contact with her and my daughter stayed in contact with her because she made a tremendous impact in my daughter's life, but I knew it, and she told me a year ago."

Jivanee also told Geller that Rifqa's life is in danger from an honor killing by her father. Here's the exchange between Geller and Jivanee:

Atlas: It was because you were so moved. Now let me ask you something, do you think that she should go back to Ohio, even in foster care? Do you believe that she would be in jeopardy from not only, because listen, with all the honor killings, even in Iraq, and Aqsa Parvez and Hassan, you know, who had her head chopped off by her moderate Muslim husband, it always the dishonor to the family. This is a dishonor to Islam, is it not far more egregious apostasy?

JJ: Yes it is, and what people don't understand about Islam, you know, there are verses in the Koran, their holy book, that actually give permission to kill, that's not my word, that not my interpretation,...

Atlas: You were a Muslim...

JJ: Yes..this is documented, now I want to say this, my family, most of my family are still Muslims, they are not all bad people, but it is written in their holy books and there are Muslims that take this very seriously

Atlas: That's right.

JJ: And there's plenty of evidence, and you've done a lot of work, with this, there is plenty of evidence that the mosque would be the type of the people who are associated with that mosque, some of the leadership there, it is evident that they would believe those kinds of things. They've made statements advocating murder. So, with just that I think that you have to be careful, obviously she fears for her life...

TVC is closely following this case because of the importance of protecting her life and of exposing the evils of Shariah Law and radical Islam to the security of our nation. The next hearing on Bary's custody battle is scheduled for September 29.

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