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Affordable Energy and Quality Jobs!

Right Side News was in Richmond, Virginia today and attended the Energy Citizens Rally at the Westin. When we arrived there were a handful of "green" protesters having a peaceful demonstration. We counted five. Approaching the front entrance, there were 2 of Henrico County's finest to monitor security. We had been looking forward to this since hearing about it a week ago. There is alot of uproar and Town Hall meeting activity concerning "Health Care Reform" but not as much "heat" on the Cap and Trade movement. Health Care is "personal" and the idea of the Federal Government mandating "health care" really gets to our individual choices. We sure hope Americans wake-up on the Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade legislation will have a far deeper impact on American wallets and pocket books than Health Care will ever have.


Cap and Trade will reach into our homes and regulate the windows we buy, and light fixtures we use, the thermostat settings, and will levy taxes on anything that uses energy. Gas prices will soar, coal plants will be forced to spend millions or close down. Read the bill

The purpose of this report, however, is to highlight the event. It is up to you, our reader, to take personal responsibilty and find out how Cap and Trade will hit your finances and change your lifestyle.

Entering the Rally, we were greeted with bumper stickers, T-Shirts, and signs promoting "I am an Energy Citizen" theme. Yes, you could feel the energy in the room!

And we ARE Energy Citizens, all of us.

There were three large signs designed to be written on. We signed our names...

The first one was a "Shame on You" sign, which contained the supporters of Cap and Trade. The names: SCOTT, PERRIELLO, MORAN, BOUCHER, AND CONNOLLY were on that sign. Yes, they promote Cap and Trade legislation. Did they read the bill and do they realize the huge impact on businesses and households?

The second sign was a "Thank-You" sign, which contained the names of those that oppose Cap and Trade. The names WITTMAN, NYE, FORBES, GOODLATTE, CANTOR AND WOLF were on that sign. These pro business lower tax representatives were definately the favorites here. Who doesn't want a pro-business, pro-job, less tax environment?

The third sign had a "Dear Senators" theme, and a plea to these good Senators to oppose the heavy tax burdens on both businesses and households that accompany any big Federal program. What big Federal program doesn't raise taxes? Ask that question to yourself. Federal money comes from you and me through the taxes we pay. You and I are all involved in the business of making a living. We are all business people. When business is TAXED, we pay the increase one way or another. Money does not grow on trees. We should be concerned about shrinking the size of government so we can keep the money we earn with our efforts.

After a good lunch, the band played, and the videos and speakers began.

Mark Hubbard introduced the program and the speakers.

The first speaker was David Schnare. David Schnare is the senior fellow for energy and the environment for the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He is an attorney and scientist with 32 years of federal and private-sector experience consulting on and litigating local, state, federal, and international environmental legislative, regulatory, risk management, and free-market environmentalism issues. In other words, he knows more about this subject than we do. He is a man that needs to be taken seriously when he speaks. The people have lost trust in their politicians and for good reason. They don't read the bills they pass and they do not consider the economic impact the bills have on the people they represent. After all, when the politicians are elected to Washington, they have POWER and become corrupted with that power.

David made a fantastic point and we should all demand this.

The second speaker was Hugh Keogh, president of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. These are the people that know BUSINESS, and businesses create jobs. We need to listen to business leaders and our elected official need to be business men and women, not trial lawyers writing laws from the seats of power. Think about it. Do you want a medical doctor working on your car? Mr. Keogh is a great supporter of off shore drilling and new coal technology for those businesses in Surry and Wise County that live on energy. Virginia is uniquely poised if the Federal Government would just get out of the way and allow our local government to create the enterprise incentives to develop our own energy sources. Nuclear, coal, off shore drilling. The great people of Virginia should be shouting from their rooftops to kill the Cap and Trade bill. Erase it, and start over with free market incentives, good old American "know how" and the entrepreneurial spirit!

Next speaker was Ms. Entrepreneurial Spirit herself!....A great entrepreneur, Ms. Karen Kerrigan.

Ms. Kerrigan founded the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, a prominent and respected advocacy and research organization with more than 70,000 members. She is President & CEO of Women Entrepreneurs Inc., a nonprofit business association that helps women business owners succeed through education, networking and advocacy.

Her message was straight forward. Reform laws to lower business costs, create jobs and promote innovation. Keep energy costs low in this highly competitive economy. Additional taxes and mandates on energy use will drive the cost of goods and services much higher, and the huge economies in China and India will roll right over us.

These four speakers were followed up by Chris Saxman, business owner who also serves in the Virginia House of Delegates. He shared how business owners are being squeezed by both higher taxes and a shrinking economy. There were other speakers from business that carried the common theme. We need abundant and cheap energy to remain competitive and our own Federal Government is thwarting our entrepreneurial and innovative efforts with mandates, red tape, heavy restrictions and regulations. The government is putting a draconic restrictor on a huge economic engine that wants to be free. Set it free with education, networking and advocacy.

Read how the Cap and Trade will effect just one state, Virginia.

Now, this article is written to motivate our fellow citizens to action. Right Side News looked for the video by Trace Adkins we saw and we could not find it. So, we leave this one for you to watch.  If the Federal government would back off the restrictions that result in punitive, heavy costs of their Federal programs, free market American citizens could pursue our dreams full throttle. The Will of the American People is Strong! We will not be denied our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Be involved and call your elected representatives and tell them NO to Cap and Trade and NO to the Health Care Reform. Big Federal Programs are huge drains on our businesses and household.



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