Democrats Outline How To Disrupt Town Hall Meetings

Written by TraditionalValues.org


August 28, 2009 -A Democrat Health Care Reform Now (HCAN) manual describes how to disrupt Town Hall meetings and to undermine the efforts of grassroots Americans to challenge their legislators on Obama's government-run health care plans.

The manual was sent out to HCAN agitators by Margarida Jorge, who is a former labor organizer for the Service Employees International (SIEU). Jorge has long been involved in leftist politics and her Facebook lists the gay marriage group "Marriage Equality" as one of her favorite organizations.

Jorge was an agitator for the Missouri Citizen Education Fund that accused John Ashcroft of supporting white supremacists. She's clearly a hard-core leftist.

Her manual, "HCAN - Responding To Right-Wing Attacks In The Field" describes Americans who attend Town Hall meetings as "tea-baggers" - a gay pejorative - and as "right-wing activists" who are supposedly arriving at Town Hall meetings to be as disruptive as possible.

 She advises HCAN agitators to:

All of these tactics are fascist in nature and are designed to stifle free speech and open debate on Obama's socialist health care reform agenda.

TAKE ACTION: Attend a Town Hall event and give a copy of the HCAN action plan to a reporter when you enter the room. Explain how HCAN plans on stifling free speech at Town Hall meetings throughout the U.S. Give copies of the HCAN plan to your friends before the meeting to alert them to the tactics that will be used against them. 


[Interesting that it is the "right-wing extremists" who are accused as the ones who are "organizing" to "disrupt" these meetings, so I guess it isn't organizing when the liberal left does this sort of thing.]


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