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Democrats Outline How To Disrupt Town Hall Meetings

August 28, 2009 -A Democrat Health Care Reform Now (HCAN) manual describes how to disrupt Town Hall meetings and to undermine the efforts of grassroots Americans to challenge their legislators on Obama's government-run health care plans.

The manual was sent out to HCAN agitators by Margarida Jorge, who is a former labor organizer for the Service Employees International (SIEU). Jorge has long been involved in leftist politics and her Facebook lists the gay marriage group "Marriage Equality" as one of her favorite organizations.

Jorge was an agitator for the Missouri Citizen Education Fund that accused John Ashcroft of supporting white supremacists. She's clearly a hard-core leftist.

Her manual, "HCAN - Responding To Right-Wing Attacks In The Field" describes Americans who attend Town Hall meetings as "tea-baggers" - a gay pejorative - and as "right-wing activists" who are supposedly arriving at Town Hall meetings to be as disruptive as possible.

 She advises HCAN agitators to:

  • warning_thugs_hereContact Members of Congress to let them know HCAN agitators will be present. [even she describes her thugs as agitators, not there for civil discussion or even to voice their opinion, but to agitate.]

  • Plan with a Member of Congress ahead of time to help control the format of the Town Hall meeting. [Control indeed, seems that is all these thugs know, intimidate, control, force]

  • Closed_to_Public_TownHallChoose a venue that is difficult for the opposition to access without being noticed. Make sure conservatives are kept as far away from the stage as possible. [Interesting how they believe "We The People" is not really referring to ALL the people, not opposition and certainly NOT conservatives]

  • Bring more people than the other side has. [This wouldn't be a problem except that they have already stated that they don't want people with ideas or opinions, only agitators]

  • Arrive earlier than the opposition to drown them out. "Stack our folks in the front to create a wall around the Member." [Again, all about control, DOING those things they "accuse" the right of doing.  Diverting attention away from their horrid behavior by pointing fingers and hoping no one notices who are really the thugs]
  • Bring more signs and leaflets than the other side. Hold signs where TV cameras can see them. [Good idea, until you notice the videos of SEIU thugs beating up others with signs or handing out leaflets, they really don't like for THAT to be on the TV camera]
  • Don't let the "right-wing" hijack the message of the meeting. Directly approach reporters and give them your story. Videotape the events and give the video to the TV stations. [there is that control issue again, they don't want to leave anything to chance, like a TV station being able to do their job, nope, THEY want to make sure they even tell them what to say and what to air. I think if I were in the media I would take offense at their attitude that media is too stupid to figure out how to cover one of these events. Again, these thugs really don't like it when the cameras catch them beating up little old ladies who had the nerve to disagree with them]

  • mob_ruleEncourage HCAN activists to interrupt conservative Americans who are speaking out. [Now THIS is funny, they are screaming that right-wing extremists are shouting down speakers?  Hmmm, looks like SOMEONE is "organizing" and giving the Obamabots marching orders to again, DO what they accuse others of doing]

  • Phrase questions to strategically move the Obama message. [Apparently these thugs can't even figure out how to ask a question without someone putting the words in their mouths. Don't ask real questions about what is IN the Bill, instead we just want a "commercial" that will "move" the message.]

  • Demonstrate by chanting slogans. [Oh yeah, a catchy slogan is always more important than a substantiative question or point on the issue]

  • Collect signs and leaflets that are not provided by you or your organization. "Another way to limit protesters' ability to hijack your event is to confiscate signs or leaflets that they may be bringing into the venue from outside." [The correct name for what they are being instructed to do is called stealing"Collect signs and leaflets", "confiscate"  these are interesting terms for what they are telling their people to do, trying to make it sound legitimate?  Call it what they want, it is stealing, and last time I checked that is still against the law in this country. Of course, with their lack of morals, ethics, character or standards, and given their leaders are used to taking things that don't belong to them, they probably don't understand that concept.]

All of these tactics are fascist in nature and are designed to stifle free speech and open debate on Obama's socialist health care reform agenda.

TAKE ACTION: Attend a Town Hall event and give a copy of the HCAN action plan to a reporter when you enter the room. Explain how HCAN plans on stifling free speech at Town Hall meetings throughout the U.S. Give copies of the HCAN plan to your friends before the meeting to alert them to the tactics that will be used against them. 


[Interesting that it is the "right-wing extremists" who are accused as the ones who are "organizing" to "disrupt" these meetings, so I guess it isn't organizing when the liberal left does this sort of thing.]


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