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Why Did Rifqa Bary's Father Dissove Prosperous Business & Declare Himself Indigent?

Was he planning to...take a trip to Sri Lanka?

Rifqa Bary Update: "'Apostate' girl's father," by Pamela Geller in the Washington Times, August 27:

[...] Rifqa's parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, signed affidavits declaring themselves indigent. That's why the Florida court appointed a lawyer for the father and a lawyer for the mother. Both their lawyers are being paid by the taxpayers of Florida. Worse still, Aysha and Mohamed Bary's lawyer asked the court for more money at Rifqa's custody hearing last Friday, so that they could wage a campaign to get Rifqa back home -- a campaign involving depositions, legal documents, filings, etc.

Yet in a Dun and Bradstreet report filed by Mr. Bary himself for his business, Bary Gems, he states his business does $237,561 yearly. Mrs. Bary makes high-end bridal gowns (that income may be off the books, but she works every day). It would appear she works for Custom Bridal Veil -- a company owned by a Risana Bary, who works with Mr. Bary at Bary Gems. Risana is apparently Mohamed's wife -- but why is she listed under different names in different places? The questions regarding their honesty are inevitable.

Bary Gems offers some high-ticket items. You can get a genuine blue sapphire for a mere $2,900. And if Mr. Bary dissolved the business in early July, where are the proceeds? Where is the inventory? The Barys owned a gem import business. If they liquidated, they must have had some inventory or orders or cash on hand.

The Barys live in a very affluent neighborhood in Westerville, Ohio, in a house they rent. They're not buying because pious Muslims aren't supposed to take on mortgages -- that would involve usury, and is forbidden in the Koran. [...]

In mid-July her mother went through Rifqa's private things and found her journal. It was then revealed to her mother that Rifqa was a practicing Christian. Mrs. Bary called her husband and alerted him that Rifqa was still practicing Christianity in secret.

Mr. Bary cut his business trip short to return home immediately while Mrs. Bary packed the family's bags to go back to Sri Lanka. Whether Rifqa would have been honor murdered before or after they returned to Sri Lanka is known only to the Barys.

It was very clear that Rifqa's father planned to flee the country with his threatened daughter. According to very recent documentation, Mr. Bary dissolved his business on July 29 -- after Rifqa ran for her life (fearing an honor killing for her apostasy) and was discovered in Florida....

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