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My H1N1 Story Government Run Health Scare

For months the Obama administration has been working to scare the hell out of every American concerning a "world wide pandemic" of the H1N1 "swine flu" virus. This week, Obama health officials are out in number warning that the virus will infect 50% of Americans over the coming weeks, and that at least 90,000 Americans will die, double the number of normal flu season fatalities.

The information on the subject has been lies covered up with more lies and wrapped in an enigma of scattered half-truths and intentional misdirection from our fools in government. The incredibly poor handling of the matter leads one to wonder if the whole mess isn't by intent...

My Personal Experience

A little over three weeks ago, my kids returned to school. A week after school started, we received an automated phone call from the school board notifying parents that the H1N1 flu had already shown up in the school district, but no specific schools in the county were named.

We asked our local school officials who advised that they knew of no outbreak at our local schools.

Last week, our son tried to help one of his friends who had taken ill on the bus ride to school, and was vomiting by the time he arrived at school. A few days later, our son was not feeling well and by Sunday, he was running a fever and in bed.

Monday, he was diagnosed with H1N1 "swine flu" by our family doctor and put on Tamiflu. He is managing just fine at present. But this is where the story gets very interesting.

According to the doctor, a patient is most contagious for 72 hours BEFORE any symptoms show, during which time the patient will continue on with life as usual, while unknowingly spreading the virus.

The doctor stated that her office has seen approximately 25 confirmed cases in the few days before seeing our son, from the same school. My wife asked why parents had not been notified and what the doctor said next was shocking...

ALL school boards and administrators have been issued a "hush notice" by the government, in which they are ordered NOT to make any "school specific" announcements concerning an outbreak of H1N1.

We then called the school principle and asked how many kids were out sick. On Monday, the principle stated that our son was only the second case he knew about. However, other lower level school officials had a different take on the matter, stating that a rapidly growing numbers of kids were leaving school sick.

Wednesday morning, our daughter woke up ill as well, and was immediately put on Tamiflu. Again we spoke to the school principles who still claimed to have no idea how many cases might be in the school, even though more than 30 kids were now missing from class and 17 High School teachers were already out with H1N1....

I have since talked two with school teachers in our extended family and in two other parts of the country, and they both immediately confirmed that a "gag order" from the government was in affect nationwide. By the time any "school specific" announcements are made, the school will be closed and many will be infected.

Despite the fact that the World Health Organization and the Federal Government have been all over the TV screen trying to create a panic over a swine flu pandemic for months now, the reason given for the "gag order" among schools and doctors is, so as not to create any "public panic."

Bottom line, the government plan is to keep healthy kids in school with children already infected and spreading the disease until they show symptoms, at which time they are booted from school for a week. But the infection has already been passed...

Our H1N1 Experience

It is not bacterial, but a virus and it is air-born. So you can wash your hands all you want and it won't avoid the virus.

In short, if you breathe air with someone exposed to the virus but not yet showing symptoms, you are almost certain to contract the virus. But you will not show symptoms for 3 to 5 days after exposure, during which time you will infect many others.

This explains why Federal health officials are on TV in force this week projecting that 50% of all Americans will be infected and an estimated 100,000 will die over the coming "flu season."

Since the government is silent on letting parents know which schools are infected, parents will continue sending healthy children to class until they come home sick. On this basis, the 50% infected and 100,000 dead might be understated, as they are making NO serious attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Suggesting that the government is in any way serious about stopping the spread of H1N1 is akin to suggesting they are serious about stopping the next 9/11 while refusing to close the borders.

Our current administration is one of two things... a) Completely incompetent, or b) Completely complicit in the H1N1 pandemic. There is NO other way to read their actions, or lack thereof.

Now the Good News

It ain't easy to get Americans to vote for socialism. The natural public disgust with the mere idea that the Fed can somehow deliver better medicine than the medical profession is a clear signal that average Americans ain't buying the Marxist horse manure pumping out of Washington DC leftists today.

So, a medical emergency that will throw every household into panic and financial stress could be helpful to the failing pursuit of socialized medicine among Democratic Socialists in charge of DC. I'm just sayin'..... How convenient.

However, so far, our personal experience is that the flu behaves no better or worse than any other set of flu symptoms. Obviously, good health habits and immediate attention go a long way towards managing any illness, including the flu.

So far, H1N1 seems to be no exception. Both of our kids are managing the illness much like any other flu. Neither my wife nor I are showing any symptoms yet, though I'm sure the likelihood is quite high, as we care for our two children, both of whom are ill.

In case you are wondering why public estimates range all over the board on the matter, I can now answer that question from first hand experience...

90% of H1N1 diagnosis stops at the local doctor's office. Less than 10% of the cases confirmed by your local health care provider are ever shipped to the CDC for further official government confirmation.

But the government usually reports only the number of cases confirmed by the CDC. As a result, the real number of cases is actually TEN TIMES that being reported by the Fed or their adoring left wing press.

And, since we wouldn't want to create a panic by giving parents information they have a right and a need to know, that number will continue to explode beyond all estimates offered.

The number already infected is more than ten times the number reported. Schools and doctors have been ordered NOT to release the name of schools showing an outbreak. Kids are not removed from school until they are showing symptoms, which is after they have already infected others for a few days, guaranteeing that the virus will continue to spread.


H1N1 may not be as lethal as reported, but your government is far more dangerous than you previously thought.

Are they stupid, or are they evil? They are one of the two or both. You decide...

As for me, it doesn't really matter because the outcome is the same. A government bankrupted out of gross ignorance is no less bankrupt and an innocent citizen dead due to government ignorance is no less dead.

Be aware... But don't be afraid!

I have lived under the belief that stupid policies are designed for stupid people, and therefore, they don't apply to me.


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