Shattered Lives: 100 Victims of Government Health Care

Written by Judy Kent - NationalCenter.org


Soon-to-Be Released Book Tells Dark Side of Public Health Care

Pre-Publication PDF Copy of Book Available Free Download

Washington D.C.: A timely new book, Shattered Lives: 100 Victims of Government Health Care, abolishes the myths of public health care by telling the personal, real-life stories of 100 people who live in nations with government-run health care systems.

ShatteredLivesCover_175x227.shklDue to the topic's timeliness, an electronic (PDF) pre-release version of the complete book is being made available now for download to journalists, broadcast media, columnists, bloggers and the public at www.nationalcenter.org/ShatteredLives

Authors Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and Ryan Balis, a National Center policy analyst, tell 100 agonizing, real-life stories of victims in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and elsewhere who struggled to access government health services and sometimes died stuck on long government waiting lists.

"Some 16 years after Washington last attempted to nationalize health care, some politicians in Washington are at it again," said co-author Amy Ridenour.  "But if Americans choose to adopt a public health care system, as the stories in this book attest, they will soon regret the decision."

Shattered Lives puts a face on frustrated citizens fed up with having surgeries repeatedly cancelled, medicines ruthlessly denied and patients herded like animals onto gigantic government waiting lists.

In Shattered Lives, the grim reality of what proponents falsely bill as 'free health care for all' is told through the stories of actual victims of government health care programs.

Stories include:

* Lindsay McCreith, a 66-year old Canadian, crossed the border to a Buffalo hospital for diagnosis when he was told it would take over four months for the Canadian system to do an MRI brain scan to determine if the tumor was malignant.  Once U.S. doctors confirmed the tumor was cancer, McCreith was told there would be an 8 month wait for treatment in Canada.  Rather than risk his life, he returned to the U.S. and paid $40,000 of his own money for treatment.

* Britain's government managed National Health Service (NHS) withheld powerful anti-cancer drugs from Barbara Moss because of their cost but willingly paid for Tanya Bainbridge's 20,000 pound  (about $33,000) sex-change operation and the removal of Bainbridge's unladylike forearm tattoo.

* Dunil Almeida, 42, was suffering from colon cancer but was told he was "imagining" the pain in his stomach over the course of over 50 examinations by the British NHS, which failed to test him for cancer for nearly two years.  It was only when Almeida visited Sri Lanka that doctors told him he had cancer.  By then, it was too late.

Among the other 97 outrageous stories Shattered Lives documents is a woman in labor castigated by a hospital nurse for not giving birth at home; numerous elderly patients losing their sight because cataract surgery or drugs were withheld; patients resorting to do-it-yourself dentistry and
much more.

"Few disagree on the need for health care reform, but imitating failing health care systems abroad by adopting a so-called "public option" will bring Americans pain, misery, fear and death," said Ridenour.  "Some government treatment lists are so long, getting on one is essentially a
death sentence.  This is no model for politicians in Washington to emulate."

Ridenour added, "Washington should be promoting a transparent and competitive market for health care, freeing Americans at the individual level to choose the insurance and medical services most appropriate for themselves and their families.  There are ways to improve our health care
system, but public health care isn't one of them."

To receive a pre-publication PDF copy of Shattered Lives: 100 Victims of Government Health Care, visit www.nationalcenter.org/ShatteredLives.html [This is a FREE Download].

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