Godzilla vs Bambi

Written by David Horowitz - FrontPageMagazine.com


Here's an email I received about a townhall meeting in Thousand Oaks California. Note how the Republicans did as they were told:

After watching the news tonight, I feel obligated to share my personal experience regarding a local town hall meeting I attended on Wednesday at the Thousand Oaks library in Thousand Oaks, California.  


Contrary to everything you have heard on TV, it was indeed a notable - and ironic - event.  

It was scheduled for 6:30. We arrived at 5:30. There was an orderly line forming outside the venue and it was apparent that there were many different types of concerned individuals, who represented every possible political bend.  

At 5:45. There was a woman who came out and asked for anyone who was a member of any Democratic club, in any part of the state, to identify themselves. These people were then taken out of the line and led inside.  

The reason we were given for this, was that they would be holding their Democratic Club meeting first -at 6:00, prior to the town hall meeting. (this meeting had not been noted in the public invitation ).  

Understand that this, then effectively insured that NOBODY else could attend the town hall meeting, because the room was full and there were no more seats left.  

At 6:15, the rest of us were notified that we would not be allowed in, due to lack of room.   Those left outside then decided to have our own town hall meeting in the plaza area.    

As it happens, there were 3 doctors who had come to express their concerns. They had requested to be let into the main room - because there was to be a panel of University / corporate doctors speaking in favor of Obamacare - and they wanted the opportunity to debate with them. The 3 doctors were refused entry.  

The 3 doctors then got up on a bench so everyone could see them and began to explain how the healthcare system is now - how Medicare is a fiasco - vs what it will become w Obamacare. The crowd was orderly and respectful and the doctors were hap py to answer questions one at a time.  

All of a sudden, an extremely irate and burly - PRO OBAMACARE - man pushed forward and attempted to physically assault one of the doctors! It was absolutely shocking and surreal. Several men stepped forward and subdued the man  and took him away.  

After several minutes we returned to our meeting.  

The news was there, reporters were there, but I doubt what really happened will be mentioned anywhere because it is the direct opposite of what you are being told.   It was the DEMOCRATS who kept anyone else from attending the meeting and it was one of THEIRS that became violent and disruptive.  

This goes way beyond politics as usual and they are trying to prevent concerned citizens from open and honest debate. I was there. I saw it.  



Not only do we believe you, Sheri, we are certain that this is the ONLY way Democrats could ever hold a "civil" Town Hall Meeting.  They engage in deception and dishonest conduct at each opportunity.  As for Mr. Obama, it becomes apparent that the old joke is true: "How can you tell if he is lying?  His lips are moving." 


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