August 15, 2009 America's Health Care Town Hall Expects 25,000 Attendance

Written by America's Health Care Town Hall


On August 15, 2009, more than twenty national organizations dedicated to free market, patient centered health care reform are coming together with small business owners to discuss positive health care reform and call for the defeat of the Democrats' health care reform plans.

20 groups representing more than 4.5 million members nationwide have confirmed their participation in America's Health Care Town Hall on August 15, 2009 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. The event is being held to show the size and diversity of opposition to the Democrats health care reform bill that has caused so much controversy in the last couple of months.

Marine Sergeant and Constitutional Advocate Paul Curtman, will open the program. Paul has become a YouTube sensation for taking Senator Claire McCaskill to task in a town hall meeting for her failure to adhere to Constitutional powers. A video of the exchange is available [click here to view].

House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Chairman of Freedom Works, will be the key note speaker during the first part of the event discussing the loss of personal freedoms under the Democrats' health reform measures. Congressman Armey was a major figure in the defeat of then First Lady Hillary Clinton's secret health care panels.

Herman Cain, host of the Herman Cain Show on WSB 750 in Atlanta, will introduce and moderate a panel of experts from the medical, insurance and patient rights fields discussing positive free market ideas to improve our current health care system. Mr. Cain took on Bill Clinton during a town hall on health care back in 1994 and has been championing common sense solutions since. Video of the exchange with President Clinton may be viewed [click here].  

The panel includes America's Health Care Town Hall Sponsor, Stephen Northington, President of Group Insurance Solutions, a health plan provider to small and medium sized businesses in Georgia. "Insurance agents can not just sit by and do nothing while the White House and Democrats destroy our industry", Northington said. "The President holds these carefully staged town halls where real people can't ask tough questions, so I thought it was important to bring everyone together and discuss real issues both good and bad."

America's Health Care Town Hall was put together in just five weeks and brings together the best known organizations in TEA Party politics as well as Health Care Reform. A complete list of speakers, panelists and participating groups is at the end of this release.

Talk show host Joel Aaron, from Intelligent Talk 920 WGKA and We The People REVOLUTION will introduce leaders from the participating organizations and signatories to a letter sent to President Obama from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposing his health care reform efforts. These groups and businesses represent over 4.5 million Americans who want health care reform, but not in its current form.

"The current health care bills will destroy small businesses and lead to unprecedented governmental intrusion into the life decisions of every American," said event organizer Allen Hardage. "This event demonstrates the sheer numbers of people who are being ignored by Washington. These groups coming together are a force to be reckoned with either now or on Election Day. Our message is clear: scrap the bill and start over with America's input this time."

America's Health Care Town Hall is currently the largest such event scheduled in the United States with an anticipated attendance of 25,000 including a large number of insurance agents, nurses, doctors and business owners. Each participant will be given a wrist band to track attendance.


Herman Cain, Host, The Herman Cain Show 750 WSB

Joel Aaron, Host, Intelligent Talk 920 WGKA and We The People REVOLUTION

Majority Leader, Dick Armey, Chairman Freedom Works



Marine Sergeant, Paul Curtman, Constitutional Advocate

Ralph Reed, Founder Faith and Freedom Coalition

Michael Frisbee, conservative activist

Virginia Galloway, Interim State Director Americans for Prosperity

Ben Milhalski, Cobb July 4th TEA Party Organizer

Kirk McGee, Georgia Association of Health Plans

Senator Eric Johnson, Tort Reform Advocate

Jenny Beth Martin, TEA Party Patriots



Stephen Northington, Legislative Chair Atlanta Association of Health Underwriters

Dr. David Westbrock, President Consumer First Health Network

Dr. Hal Scherz, Patients for Patient Care

Ken Cook, American Liberty Alliance

Ralph Reed, Founder Faith and Freedom Coalition

Robert Goldberg, Co-Founder Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

Dr. C.L. Gray, Physicians for Reform

Russ Childers, President National Association of Health Underwriters


Participating Groups:

Patients First
Smart Girl Politics
TEA Party Patriots 
Georgia Association of Health Underwriters
Free Our Health Care Now
American's for Tax Reform
Docs 4 Patients Care
Americans for Prosperity
American Liberty Alliance
Disability Parents of Georgia
National 9/12 Project
Freedom Works
The Heritage Foundation
Physicians for Reform
Center for Individual Freedoms

CPMI Advance- Hands off My Health

Council for Affordable Health Insurance (Pending Confirmation)


Atlanta Association of Health Underwriters

National Association of Health Underwriters


For interview scheduling to discuss this event please contact

Allen Hardage, 678-977-0896 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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