Climate Bill's STILL Unanswered Questions

Written by ClimateRealists.com


By: Drew Thornley

With the House of Representative's narrow passage of the Waxman-Markey energy bill, Congress is one step closer to passing the most consequential U.S. energy legislation in America's history.

As the Senate prepares to take up the bill, opposition is understandably focused on the bill's content and the economic fallout that will result from the bill's becoming law. But I've got some front-end questions that bill proponents have yet to answer sufficiently. Before it's too late to put on the brakes, the public deserves some straight answers.


• What are the reasons this legislation is necessary in the first place? Can you offer anything beyond emotionalism and muddled platitudes? Anything beyond cookie-cutter messages about a better future for our grandchildren? Where are the facts, numbers, and hard data?

You're poised to pass the most far-reaching energy legislation in our nation's history, but you've yet to give the public answers to these and other basic questions about our nation's energy policy. Now is a perfect chance to answer. The floor is yours.
Drew Thornley is an independent policy analyst whose latest report, "Energy and the Environment: Myths and Facts," was published by the Manhattan Institute.



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