WeatherAction's Long Range Forecasts Are Precise for July

Written by Piers Corbyn, WeatherAction.com


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Torrential rain,  floods, thunder & tornadoes occur 15 -18 July 2009 confirm WeatherAction long range Red Weather Warning and dash MetOffice 'barbecue summer' hopes.

Corresponding Typhoon & Tropical storm forecasts also confirmed - Hong Kong suffering - hit 19th July 2009.



Tornado on Islay Scotland 16 July 2009


Rothbury in Northumberland, where the River Coquet overflowed 17 July 2009 as heavy rain brought flooding to the region, Scotland and to many other - mainly North / East -  parts of Britain.


Flooding in Durham 17/18 July 2009

Up to 4 inches - or 6 weeks worth! - of rain in parts of North / East Britain in 24 hours, 58 official flood warnings, the highest rises (6ft) ever seen in the River Wear, river bursts and extensive floods, traffic and rail chaos in many parts of Britain, thunderstorms, tornadoes and funnel clouds all around 15-18 July 2009 confirmed WeatherAction's detailed Red Weather Warning (announced late June) for such events to develop specifically in the period 14-18 July.  

North / East parts of Britain were specifically warned as being under greatest threat on WeatherAction's month ahead detailed forecast map (available via www.weatheraction.com ) for this period issued 20 days ahead. The Met Office didn't issue their severe weather warnings until hours ahead.  

The WeatherAction corresponding forecast period for World Extreme events of Typhoon/Tropical Storm formation or rapid development in both the West and East Tropical North Pacific around 14-16 July 2009 were confirmed by formation of typhoon Molave (forming 15th) and now heading for Hong Kong (19th) and Tropical Storm Dolores (forming 15th). Both storms formed in the predicted regions and Molave followed the WeatherAction predicted trajectory of likely 50% Taiwan or Philippines (or in between) hit which also means Hong Kong could subsequently be vulnerable.

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction said:

"We are very pleased with the results of this Red Weather warning period. Our first Red Weather Warning period for Britain & Ireland this month - 2-4/5 July, and our warning of 'Sharp Extra activity' and consequent thundery breakdowns around the 7th July was also very successful to the day. The important thing that forecast users see is that our forecasts are not short range prognoses such as for 'thunder following a hotspell' but long range forecasts made well ahead of anything standard meteorology can muster yet events still come accurate to the day 85% of the time in all parts of the world." 

"A special aspect of all these three periods of notable SWT extra activity is that as we warned events turned out to be more severe than short range expectations of standard meteorology in terms of ferocity of deluges and the advent of tornado & funnel cloud development which, for example, surprised observers in the period 14-18 July 2009."

'Barbecue summer' hopes dashed

"These events and short medium and long range forecasts now active, spell failure for the Met Office forecast of a 'barbecue summer' which we advised our own forecast users to ignore. This is the third wet summer for Britain and Ireland in a row where the weather has turned out to be opposite to the Met Office long range prognosis and has instead been in line with our long range forecast. Along with the Met Office spectacular failure to predict the icy & snowy winter of 2008/09 which also confirmed WeatherAction's forecast one has to ask: For how much longer will government,  'opposition' and much of commerce continue to follow failed methodology?

"The Met Office long range forecasts will continue to fail because they are founded on the politically motivated false theory of man-made global warming and related computer models. The fact is the world has been cooling for at least 7 years while CO2 has been rapidly rising. Our proven science explains why and shows the world cooling will generally continue at least to 2030 and the world will remain generally cooler than recently  for a hundred years".

"In the immediate future I suggest the major clothing chains should consider suing the Met Office for misleading advice 3 years running  which is now leaving stacks of 'barbecue summer' wear falling onto the streets. Politicians should be called to account for their squandering of taxpayers money on projects in the green bubble of false value which will end in tears and leave us all worse off".



WeatherAction's month ahead forecast issued end June stated: 

14-18 JULY 2009.  (AB = 80% confidence)


Bec mostly wet in N / E with thunder & hail. Local floods.  

VERY HIGH thunder & whirlwind risk specified on forecast graph page from 14-17 July.

Forecast map for N/E: Heavy often thundery showers with hail Local deluges & floods.

Torrential rain causes floods (pics of Durham city floods)




North East of England hit by floods



Dramatic video of Inverness torrents and floods causing erosion and gulleys in Inverness sent to BBC by Catherine Bunn of Highland Campervans "The force of the water coming off the fields was tremendous":


Tornado Islay Scotland 16 July:


Funnel Clouds Lisburn Northern Ireland 15 July 09, Devon 15 July, Stroud Glocs 16 July, 



also http://www.bbc.co.uk/looknorthnecumbria/content/image_galleries/funnel_cloud_072009_gallery.shtml?8

Flooding affects homes and trains Wales


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Typhoons / Tropical storms

WeatherAction World long range Extremes selected Forecast Events JULY 09:

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End of WA2009 No 46 Thank you 



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