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Washington Policies Are Burning Down the Economy and Creating a Socialist State

Our Government has ruined our economy with over regulation, selfish motives and power grabbing by shredding our Constitution and they are no longer doing the will of the people that elected them.

The following three videos show that our Federal Government on both sides of the aisle.
The Executive and Legislative Branches are equally at fault and have LOST the Trust of the American people.  The power of our great land is with both YOU and I.  Please watch all three of these videos and let's do the right thing and get involved in our political process in our own communities and rebuild this great land from the GROUND UP!
Throw the bumbs out!   As individuals, we must all vote and we must all throw these power hungry politicians back on the train back home. 

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE-Our Government Destroys it All
September , 2008 










Bush's Betrayal

2004 Hearings - Democrats Refuse to Reform despite Republicans Pleas
                                   Legislatures betrayal

Hound Your local Representatives, Congressman, Senator
Join your local Tea Party, 912 Group, ..
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