Dancing with the Czars: Obama's New State-Run Show

Written by Superkommissar Maksim


June 10, 2009
By Superkommissar Maksim
The Peoples Cube
Humor, Satire and Wit
The cast of Obama Czars hit the dance floor on the new show with the highly anticipated season premiere of Dancing with the Czars .
You will be introduced to twelve Czars, who hold varying positions of power within the administration.

The great thing about them is that Czars operate with impunity and are "under the radar" when it comes to making policy. They are accountable to no one except the President and, oh man, can they dance. 

The rules are unknown and the Czars don't have to undergo Senate Confirmation Hearings, they simply get appointed. Not only do they have immunity from elimination, Obama is likely to appoint more in the coming months.

Episode One will feature President Obama and TARP Czar Herb Allison. You will marvel at theirczar_dancing_herballison.jpg prowess as they dance the Constitutional Side Step on the grave of Thomas Jefferson.

Following episodes are sure to feature Energy Czar Carol Browner and Health Reform Czar Nancy-Ann DeParle. With their solutions to problems being just the opposite of what is needed, their performance is guaranteed to be dangerous and entertaining.

Then there is Stimulus Accountability Czar Earl Devaney; his title alone is pure entertainment and his tap dancing will astound all.

Other dancers such as InfoTech Czar, and Urban Czar are quite the mystery. No one seems to know exactly what they do. Do they have talent or were they appointed to their positions as political favors? You'll have to watch to find out.

Tune in this season and watch which liberties and freedoms will be eroded first, on Dancing with the Czars! Coming to all state-run media outlets.
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 The purpose of their site is as follows:

The purpose of our Progressive movement is to instill enormous guilt among wealth creators, causing them to give their money to us voluntarily. Think of guilt as secondary taxation. While the government extracts the first round of money by taxing a limited number of activities by wealth creators (with the help of a mind-numbing tax code), the imposition of guilt allows us to extract the remaining money in virtually unlimited amounts by associating guilt with the broadest range of activities - from what you eat to how big your toilet tank is. Most of you are guilty merely for breathing air, and the number of victims suffering from your noxious CO2 exhaust is unlimited - from the whole planet Earth to endangered microscopic communities of bacteria that thrive collectively on dead bodies and whose existence you are jeopardizing by selfishly staying alive.

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