Misdirection, Stealth Jihad, Accuse First & Loudly

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May 12, 2009
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A North Texas city TV news station ran a story regarding recent ACT!forAmerica chapter leader's presentation regarding the Stealth Jihad in America and the Muslim Brotherhood's connections to that activity.  It is not really a secret, there are reams of documents, hundreds of websites, thousands of first hand reports, documentaries, research, testimony, facts established by years of surveillance , recorded conversations entered into U.S. trial evidence and recorded statements as proof of this Stealth Jihad. However, Muslim leaders who are involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and the branch organizations work hard to silence any who attempt to alert the unsuspecting United States to their subversive actvities.

Are you interested in getting to the bottom of it?  Can you take the time to focus on the facts, to really listen to the truth?  Or are you too busy to even read to the end of a long article?  Let's see, shall we?

Now, because it isn't really a secret anymore, those involved with this Stealth Jihad, have had to change their tactics.  What is the best way to conceal something?  Why, in plain sight, of course.  It's ok if a few find out, they can easily be denounced as hate mongers, and if the Muslim Brotherhood are successful, we can actually deprive them of their first amendment rights, impoverish them with law suits claiming we are offended or insulted or victims of hate speech, discrimination or racism.  The key for them is to just make sure they make the first accusation, the first claim, and that assures the attacker the opportunity to play the victim.

Those who seek to subvert the United States deem it as easy, knowing that most Americans are so concerned with telling only the truth, only presenting facts, that Americans won't even see it coming.  The Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliate organizations won't have to spend a single instant on refuting the facts or the truth, it won't be necessary.  These stealth jihadists can simply toss out the magic phrases of: hate speech, offended, humiliated, insulted and they become the victim, placing the American who told the truth on the defensive.  This is a successful tactic to put the American in a position where they must spend thousands of dollars protecting themselves from unjustified lawsuits.  These lawsuits will either bankrupt them, discredit them, or marginalize them as just another "right-wing extremist" and neutralize their credibility.  The Stealth Jihadist cares little which is accomplished, it all suits the ultimate objective to silence them.  

The Muslim Brotherhood and their other organizations are funded by the endless resources of petro-dollars from Islamic terrorist supporters and their objective is to quiet any who would reveal their objectives.  These terrorists don't really worry about the truth of the message, they go after the messenger.  That is America's weakness, Americans are so eager to believe that there could not possibly be so many people from another religion seeking to utterly destroy an entire nation.  America seems intent on ascribing their own traits of trust, believing anyone claiming to be their friend really is and the friends are not capable of deceipt or actually posing any threat.  If another American tries to raise the alarm, using nothing but truth to expose the threat, they are treated with contempt and told to stop being hateful. 

From WFAA channel 8 Texas story:

"In his* message, *he said *he believes there is "a stealth Jihad in the United States guided by the Muslim Brotherhood." The Muslim Brotherhood is a large international organization based in Egypt that supports creating Islamic states." [this was indeed the message of the presentation (in plain sight, remember) so to imply that it is simply a lunatic's belief works to begin discrediting and marginalizing the truth.]

"I'm not aware of anybody in the United States here who is with the Muslim Brotherhood," said Qaddura, who enlisted Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani to give a rebuttal." [the speaker of this presentation never said, much less accused, either of these two men of being associated with nor being "aware" of anyone in the Muslim Brotherhood, so what was the point of this denial?]

"I was humiliated and degraded," he said of O'Brien's message." [And so it begins. Again, not a word regarding the facts of the presentation, only that it made him "feel bad".  Of course, there was nothing said in that presentation that in any way accused him or anyone in the room of anything, it was a presentation regarding the roots of Stealth Jihad in America, it was purely information.  So how was he humiliated and degraded?  A grown man, a professional man who cannot distinguish between information about a suspected terrorist group and taking the facts about this suspected terrorist as  personal?  Since when must any American citizen censor their thoughts based on someone else having a chip on their shoulder or getting their feelings hurt?]

Qaddura said he was shocked to hear O'Brien's message, which included warnings that "Islam permits the killing of innocent people." [Yes, this was mentioned.  Why not?  It is a fact, substantiated by the Qu'ran.  This fact is available for any thinking person to substantiate by reading for themselves.  According to the Muslim Holy Book the only "innocents" in the land are those who worship Allah and his prophet, the believers.  However, everyone else, not a believer could not be innocent, they are the infidels.  They are not protected. I noted those who attack this speaker do not refute this fact, rather they misdirect, and attempt to minimize or ridicule.]

"And this is what the ultimate goal is is to replace the United States' flag and the United States' government with the half moon and the star," O'Brien said. [Again, simply a statement of fact, nothing hateful here, unless you are an American who actually loves their country and don't want to see our democracy replaced with Sharia Law or the half moon and star flag replace our beloved stars and stripes.]

Qaddura said the messages prey on fears, which have a way of spreading and doing a lot of harm. " [Actually, there was little information of which to be fearful.  There was information about those who use fear as a terrorist tactic.  So, how is that offensive?]

This is the sort of "reporting" that stealth jihad count on.  One side of the story and only quotes from the "offended" citizens. 

Let me introduce Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser.  Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander. Dr. Jasser is a nationally recognized speaker and radio and television commentator on the role of moderate American Muslims in leading the war against militant Islamism. Jasser holds an M.D. from the Medical College of Wisconsin received on a U.S. Navy Scholarship. His highest military award is the Meritorious Service Medal. He is currently serving as the President of the Arizona Medical Association. He chairs the bioethics committee and teaches nuclear cardiology in a major Phoenix hospital. He has been active in a number of interfaith efforts in Arizona including the founding of a Jewish-Muslim dialogue group called the Children of Abraham. His writings can be found at the website of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

Partial transcript of video with Sean Hannity interviewing Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser:

Dr. Jasser:

". . . People want to attack the messenger instead of dealing with the message, you want to divert it into dealing with the ideas.  And that's what we're really talking about.  Is dealing with the reality that these are Muslims saying this, and it's a threat if we don't deal with the ideas. And reform our faith from within."

Mr. Hannity:  ". . . .How widespread?. ."

Dr. Jasser: 

"Vast majority of Muslims want to advocate for a liberty, freedom based Islam. It's probably about 5% - 10%, but if you look at the numbers, that's a number that we need to deal with.  And, you know, we've had over 30 attacks against the United States since 9/11 and these attacks are going to continue to regenerate themselves unless we start to focus on the fuel which is the ideology of radical political Islam."

Mr. Hannity: 

"Are we infiltrating these radical groups enough in your view, in terms of our law enforcement?"

Dr. Jasser:

"You know, I think our homeland security agents have been doing a wonderful job and that's why we haven't seen an attack, but you know, I think there hasn't been enough pressure to stop the fuel of the radical ideology.  You see Islamic organizations speaking on the behalf of my community and all they can do is condemn the act, instead of condemning HAMAS  and Hezbollah by name and what happens is then you sort of have an apologetic that leads to the fuel for more acts."

Mr. Hannity:

"You mentioned England, do you really believe that we could have a separate state with Sharia Law. . . . separate within the United States?  Do you believe that can happen?"

Dr. Jasser:

"It's not a separate state, Sean, but it is really the allowance of ideologies where you see women's rights abused, gay rights abused, you see the inability to have freedom of speech, Muslims like myself that like to ask and question authority are tribalized, marginalized."

It is a real threat.  Those who are dismissive or try to minimize the threat have an agenda that can only be called subversive.  And it has begun here in the United States, it is called "Hate Crime" legislation, which strips Americans of their right to speak out against the threat, strips Americans of the right to have an opinion about what they see as being wrong.  It gives special status to small classifications of people and sets them above the law.  The rest of America will be stripped of their rights and freedoms in favor of the few who were never threatened, were never the victim, but were successful in depriving everyone else of their rights, no more "equal under the law", they are more than equal, they are specially protected.

Semper Vigilans

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