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Freedom of Speech Alive and ACT!ive in Texas, part III

May 10, 2009
O'Brien Responds to Accusers

by Kelly Howell, RSN, 5/10/09

This is Ms. O'Brien's response to the third of three articles appearing in a Ft. Worth, Texas newspaper.  As with many mainstream media outlets, it seems quite liberal in its views, eschewing objective reporting for one-dimensional opinion/editorial pieces which sometimes devolve into little more than personal attack. 

I find it interesting that the current method some use to quell free speech seems to be to simply protest loudly that whatever is said was offensive and therefore "hate speech".  Proclaiming loudly that it was "all lies!" yet never citing even one specific item that was a "lie".  If there were no lies, nothing to rebut, that leaves us with just facts and the truth.  How can anyone call facts or truth hate speech?  The truth is not racist, bigoted, intolerant, or hateful, it is simply the truth.  And, unfortunately, for many who seem to be offended by the truth, it is not politically correct. 

I attended the meeting that was the subject of the newspapers op/ed articles, I have chosen to give Ms. O'Brien the opportunity to respond to the  articles, which, by the way, is Constitutionally allowed for us both, I will claim my right based on Freedom of the Press and she will, I'm sure, claim her right to Freedom of Speech.  

Ms. Dorrie O'Brien: Thanks, Kelly, and RSN, for giving me the chance to reply to this editorial. I've read it a dozen times, I think, and I still find it almost incomprehensible.

I gave an hour's presentation about the "Roots of Jihad in America" at a MacGrill in Ft. Worth on Monday evening, 5/4/09. After reading this, and even knowing he was in attendance, it's astounding to me that he was in the same MacGrill I was.

(see also Part I and Part II)

Kennedy: What were Republicans thinking by 'Rumble at Romano's'?

By BUD KENNEDY, 5/6/09

Sometimes I really miss President Bush.

Monday was one of those nights. [DOB: Like what?] A Republican club in Fort Worth chose up sides [DOB: no, we did not; we were all bunched up together in one room] and debated whether American Muslims are (1) good religious conservatives or (2) "sleeper cells" hiding in wait to overthrow America and impose Islamic law.

DOB: I don't have any real idea what he's talking about. Good religious conservatives? Sleeper cells?

Perhaps those two subjects came up when I left the room during the Muslim "rebuttal" to my presentation. As it turned out, the rebuttal was simply a personal attack on me, so it's as well I didn't stay, but Mr. Kennedy might have mentioned that it wasn't me who said either.

My presentation was all about the Muslim Brotherhood, and its stated aims to subvert the country, establish a North American caliphate here, and to make Sharia law the law of the caliphate. So, perhaps he heard "overthrow America" from me, after all.

In front of Muslim Republican business owners and government officials, . . .

DOB: What does "In front of" mean to this man? Did he expect I could only talk to the Girl Scouts? I take it he didn't notice all the non-Muslim business owners there and the government officials were by and large Tarrant County Republican judges.

. . . a spokeswoman for a Florida-based political advocacy group asked Republicans to stop the "Islamization" of the U.S.

DOB: The "Florida-based political advocacy group," is ACT! for America. ACT! IS standing against radical Islam; in fact, it's the only group organized to stop radical Islam in the world, and it does have a lobbyist taking the information about the Muslim Brotherhood to our elected officials in Washington, so in a sense, Kennedy might be right about it being a political advocacy group.

Me, I think of it as it is a patriotic organization shining a light on the Muslim Brotherhood's stealth jihad against America.

And I'm not a "spokeswoman" for ACT! I'm one independent chapter leader out of 300 in the U.S., doing my bit to educate Americans about the threat of radical Islam IN the U.S.

. . .and protect religious freedom by refusing to allow observances of Islamic holidays. Huh?

DOB: Boy, do I ever agree with the "Huh?" Mr. Kennedy just had to be in another room while I was talking.

Maybe he's referring to this bit of info I told the crowd about: Nashville, TN, July, 2008. Tyson Chicken put out a notice that its union had pushed for and was successful in getting the Labor Day holiday replaced with an Islamic religious ritual called Eid al Fitr, which is a celebratory feast for the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting.

Thousands of people dropped a ton of phone calls and emails and postcards on Tyson's head, all demanding that Labor Day NOT be shunted aside for a specific, Islamic, celebration, in our country that separates church and state.

Tyson went with public opinion, saw the error of its ways, and reinstated Labor Day.

Our Dallas neighbor, George W. Bush, used to have a blunt message for those like Dorrie O'Brien of Grand Prairie, who once picketed Six Flags over Muslim Family Day.

DOB: Yup, I do live in Grand Prairie. And I did participate in a protest against the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic "charitable" organization with ties to HAMAS, that put on the 2007 Muslim Day at Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington.

Does he mention this because he deplores my American right to assemble and protest peaceably?

I note that he did not refer to any of the information I had about an anti-Israel protest held by Muslims in Florida in Dec., 2008, in which one Muslim woman was caught on camera yelling, "Go back to the ovens, Jew!"

Does he think that's the kind of tolerance President Bush had in mind in his following quote?:

"Ours is a country based on tolerance," Bush said in 2002. "We respect the faith and we welcome people of all faiths in America. And we're not going to let the war on terror or terrorists cause us to change our values."

DOB: And I admire and agree with that. The only people who don't agree with Mr. Bush are the leaders and followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and its spin-off organizations, like CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and ICNA, etc., who are working constantly to subvert our country, and most definitely want to change our values.

Four months after his retirement, what's changed?

DOB: We no longer have Republicans with any voice in Washington?

"There's no more Republicans in power saying things like that," [DOB: ha! Well, there you go, confirmation of my thought] said Mark Hanson, an Arlington optometrist and president of the Arlington Republican Club. "There's no Republicans in power at all."

Some remaining Republicans seem determined to chase away Muslim conservatives. And Hispanic conservatives. And also those gay and lesbian fiscal conservatives who might think commitment is a conservative idea.

At this rate, pretty soon there won't be enough Republicans left for a radio talk show.

DOB: Does ANYbody know what Kennedy is talking about?

There were enough to fill a party room [DOB: and thus disproving his own comment?] Monday night at Romano's Macaroni Grill in far north Fort Worth, where the North Tarrant Republican Club gathered to see O'Brien, 61, [DOB: Sigh. He can't even get that right. I'm 62, doggone it!] and 30-year Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani in the "Rumble at Romano's."

DOB: Well, I prefer "A presentation on the ‘Roots of Jihad in America,'" but I don't expect that has quite the same alliterative value as his phrase.

"I just found out that I am part of a sleeper cell and that I am going to declare jihad," Peerwani said. "News to me."

DOB: It's news to me, too. I have no idea why he thought that was important to say.

O'Brien complained that some American Muslims don't "assimilate." (That always means they don't act like the person complaining.)

DOB: Mr. Kennedy, you're a man who works with words. Do you not have access to a dictionary? The Free Dictionary Online: 5. To absorb (immigrants or a culturally distinct group) into the prevailing culture.

"They don't grow up singing ‘Pop Goes the Weasel,'" [DOB: this he remembers?] she said during a slide-show presentation from Act! for America (American Congress for Truth). "They don't understand Anchors Aweigh or 'To the shores of Tripoli.'"

DOB: No, ACT! for America is the sister organization to Brigitte Gabriel's American Congress for Truth. It appears that facts have no relevance in Mr. Kennedy's scribbles.

And no, I claim ownership of the Power Point presentation. ACT! had no hand in it.

I reported during my speech that sixty-five percent of the 2-3,000,000 Muslims living in the U.S. are foreign-born. I don't think they accept our culture, because these sixty-five percent don't have any reference points in common with Americans born here, and are doing nothing visible to assimilate and blend into our great melting pot.

I doubt Mr. Kennedy understands the reason for the title "To the Shores of Tripoli," either.

All of you do, I've no doubt. President Thomas Jefferson in 1801 had to send our fledgling navy and Marines to the northwest African coast, the Barbary Coast-what is now Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya-to stop Islamic pirates from attacking American ships and enslaving American sailors.

We won.

And I believe we will withstand this present assault against our freedoms, even with the Useful Enablers in  the mainstream media, like Mr. Kennedy, who appear to be bound and determined to give it all up to the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers.

That reminded me of one of our own Marines.  Lance Cpl. Saeed Jafarkhani-Torshizi Jr. of North Richland Hills, a American of Iranian " descent, died in a 2005 helicopter crash in Iraq.  "We just called him 'J.R.' said family friend Jessica Ledbetter of Crowley.  He was 24. He wanted to come home and become a Fort Worth police officer.  "He wasn't for anything he saw in the Middle East," she said. "He was thankful to be an American."  He might have made a pretty good Republican.

-----------end newspaper article

As a reporter, I feel compelled to make a final comment.  In my opinion this last paragraph by Mr. Kennedy seems a bit gratuitous.  America is proud of all her sons and daughters serving their country.  It does not matter if they are Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, it does not matter what religion they choose to observe, their ethnic or racial background, they are all Americans.  Can not similar comments be made of every soldier who did not make it home from any war?  Does Mr. Kennedy suggest with this last comment, that this one soldier's death was more important than any other?  Does Mr. Kennedy suggest that this one soldier's loss is more keenly suffered by his family than the families of all the other soldiers lost to this war?  Or is it possible that Mr. Kennedy was attempting to give a cheap, theatrical ending to a story at the expense of a valiant soldier?  I hope not.  The death of any one of our soldiers is no greater or less a tragedy than any other soldiers' death.  To remark or comment on only one, is a disservice to all.  For each and every one remain special in our hearts and prayers.

Our military, from rank of private to general, are all due this country's respect and honor for their service.  I believe there is no greater sadness felt by our country than the loss of each and every American soldier.  I do believe, however, that America's, and our allies, young men and women lost to this war are the more valiant, because they have served, fought and died defending Freedom.   They did not eagerly seek their death, with explosives strapped to their chests, or fly planes full of civilians into buildings killing thousands of innocents, expecting to be rewarded with 72 virgins in paradise.


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