America's 'Punk the FBI' Imam Gets Punked by Britain

Written by David J. Rusin

May 10, 2009
by David J. Rusin

On May 5 the British Home Office published a list of "individuals banned from the UK for stirring up hatred." The inclusion of radio host Michael Savage has garnered most of the press, given his placement alongside terrorists such as Samir Kuntar. However, another American on the roster deserves some attention of his own: Abdul Alim Musa.

Born Clarence Reams, Musa converted to Islam in jail and now heads a D.C. mosque. He founded the radical organization As-Sabiqun, which seeks the "establishment of Islam as a complete way of life in America," citing Muslim Brotherhood thinkers and Ayatollah Khomeini as influences. According to the Washington Post, Musa "has been trying for years to build an Islamic community [in D.C.] ... that he would like to see replicated nationwide until the United States becomes an Islamic state."

In contrast to typical "lobby group" Islamists, Musa could not be clearer about his actual views:

Islamist Watch highlighted Musa earlier this year for his 2007 sermon on "How to Punk the FBI," in which he counsels Muslims against cooperating fully with law enforcement. The irony is that he was a longtime board member of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), one of the groups threatening to end their allegedly cordial relationship with the FBI.

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's positioning of a loudmouthed radio host beside convicted murderers may seem a bit odd, but she is correct that "coming to the UK is a privilege." All in all, banning a true extremist like Abdul Alim Musa is no bad choice.

But do not celebrate too quickly. Now that Musa does not have to worry about planning any trips to Britain, he can focus on what he does best: radicalizing Muslims right here in America.
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