Free Speech Alive and ACT!ive in Texas part II

Written by RSN Dorrie O'Brien


May 9, 2009

O'Brien Responds to Accusers, Part II

Ms. O'Brien had been asked to give the same presentation (covered in Part I) to another Republican club in the area several months before the meeting on 4/17/09. She appeared at this second meeting on 5/4/09 and the following article, again written by Aman Batheja, came out the next morning.

(also see Part I )

At least he was there, this time.

I was there reporting for RSN. I wanted to hear her say that "all Muslims are intent on overthrowing America," or any other such generalized accusation. Not only did she not say that, she didn't even imply it. I believe the only way it could have been misconstrued in that fashion was by someone with a pre-determined belief about what they'd hear and so did not bother to listen to what she actually said. Ms. O'Brien was quite clear, reiterating often, who specifically, was the organizing force behind the threat.


Motives of American Muslims Debated at Republican Meeting in Fort Worth

By Aman Batheja
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram


FORT WORTH-What are the intentions of Muslims in America? A local activist told a Republican club Monday night that Muslims [DOB: No, I said the Muslim Brotherhood is] are intent on overthrowing America. But the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, who is Muslim, denounced such remarks as hate speech.

Dorrie O'Brien was booked months ago to speak to the North Tarrant Republican Club. She riled local Muslims last month when she delivered a speech to a Republican club in Hurst in which she said most or all American Muslims support terrorism.

DOB: He'd already said this in the first article; you'd think he could move along. It's not like he was there to hear it, anyway.

After hearing that O'Brien was going to give a similar presentation to another Republican club, Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani requested time to deliver a rebuttal, North Tarrant Republican Club president Paul Enlow said.

In her presentation to about 80 people, O'Brien said that Muslims are intent on converting the Western world to Islam.

DOB: I said the Muslim Brotherhood and it's spin-off organizations like CAIR, ISNA, and MSA are intent on subverting the Western world to Islam. Not every Muslim in the US, or the Western World, is going that route. The reporter might want to look up the difference between subvert* and convert**. I was quite specific in saying subvert.

She described as "stealth jihad" [DOB: Like he's never heard that term before? These reporters have got to get out more] a malicious effort by Muslims to subvert schools, local governments and banks throughout the country.

DOB: He used subvert correctly this time. I described the Muslim Brotherhood as attempting to subvert schools, local governments, and banks as the stealth jihadists and I gave examples of how they do it.

O'Brien reviewed the five pillars of Islam, noting that one of them is zakat, which means to give a percentage of one's income to charity. "There is a tremendous amount of proof out there that the zakat is now funding terrorism," she said.

DOB: Yes, and apparently the reporter had no argument on this. One example of the truth of my statement is contained in the CAIR Web site: "Does CAIR Qualify to Receive Zakat?" The answer given there is, of course, yes. Since CAIR is an un-indicted co-conspirator with the Holy Land Foundation in funneling funds to HAMAS, I stand by the statement that money paid as zakat is funding terrorism.

O'Brien also compared the Qur'an to the Bible and dismissed any suggestion that atrocities committed by Christians in the past were relevant to a debate about the present.

DOB: Yes, I said that. It isn't relevant. Never was. Islam is the only ideology that thinks it's a grand idea for its followers to kill people who won't convert to it. Islam approves of terrorism and enslavement and religious discrimination, and always has. Jihad (war) is the 6th Pillar of Islam.

Even if I thought there were "atrocities" in the sense that these confabulators would have us think, Islam is still and always has been the only religion that endorses and approves atrocities as normal behavior and is still doing it. The Islamic apologists tend to leave that bit out.

"I am not going to get into a theological discussion tonight, but I will flatly say, no, there is no way we are praying to the same God," she said.

DOB: I think it's interesting that the reporter made the statement about my comparing the Qur'an and the Bible right before the above comment about not praying to the same God.

That sentence came at the end of an explanation of one of the Muslim Brotherhood's stealth statements: "that we all pray to the same god" designed to fool Americans. It was separated by at least ten minutes, probably a lot more from the first statement.

Some other examples of disinformation designed by the Muslim Brotherhood are: "Islam means peace"-even Muslim Web sites define Islam as submission. Some will add "to Allah" to the definition; however, there are many that do not.

"Islam is a religion of peace," is another favorite. So non-believers who are killed for an insult or for allowing freedom and rights to everyone are being killed peacefully?

A third one I mentioned is: "Islam forbids the killing of innocent people." The verses in the Qur'an do mention that killing "innocent people" is forbidden; what doesn't generally hit the airwaves is that the only "innocent" people in the world are the True Believers.

A fourth: "A small bunch of radicals have hijacked the religion of peace." Not so. The possible 350,000,000 radical Islamists active in the world today are not radical at all; they're True Believers, just following Allah's words.

O'Brien left the meeting before Peerwani's talk.

DOB: I had good reason to believe that his "rebuttal" was to be nothing more than an attack on me, and as it turned out, that's what it was. Well, it's all they have to work with.

He spent part of his speech correcting factual errors in O'Brien's presentation and reminding the audience of the history of religious persecution, including the Holocaust.

DOB: What does the first part of that sentence have to do with the second part?

The corrections I heard that Dr. Peerwani made were that Muhammad was visited by the Angel Gabriel in 610 and that Mecca is in Saudi Arabia. Yes, I did say "620" and "Iraq" and I'm embarrassed by those typos. This sort of correction, however, does not rise to the level of being a "rebuttal" to everything else I said.

I find as specious Dr. Peerwani's trying to compare my presentation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the stealth jihad activities in the U.S., to being similar to how the Nazis persecuted and murdered 6,000,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

. . . Except perhaps in the instance that many Muslims deny that the Holocaust occurred, in which case doesn't that mean that they would acknowledge that they, as Muslims, are not really being persecuted at all, but merely using it as a ruse to divert attention from the Muslim Brotherhood's true objectives?

Oh, that was fun to say.

Is it not a well-documented statement of fact that Muslims (more than fewer) consider Jews their mortal enemy and should be killed?

This picture displays a Muslim woman at an anti-Israel protest in Florida in December, 2008. She is screaming "Go back to the ovens, Jew!" This is hate speech, and it's happening right here in the U.S. Dr. Peerwani needs to tell the Ikhwan and all the little ikhwans to stop sending their people out to scream such obscenities if he wants to take whatever moral high ground he's trying to grab with his statement above about the Holocaust.

"We need to be vigilant because hate speech can destroy our country," Peerwani said.

DOB: Indeed, this is exactly my point. He doesn't think "Go back to the ovens, Jew!" to be hateful? He watched my presentation and saw that picture. I don't know that, though. It was only about two foot by three foot.

"I find out today I am part of a sleeper cell and some day someone is going to wake me up and I am going to declare jihad. That is news to me."

DOB: That's news to me, too. Beats me why he brought it up.

Peerwani also said that much of his donations to charity went to groups such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

DOB: And good for him! I assume he's referring here to my statement about the zakat going to terrorist organizations. However, since I was not referring to Dr. Peerwani's personal charitable contributions, nor that of many other American Muslims, but only of those funneled to the Muslim Brotherhood through the Islamic charities, his statement carries no worth, besides making him more aware of where his money is going than some others might be.

Several attendees asked Peerwani why American Muslims haven't denounced atrocities by terrorists in other countries. Peerwani said he and others have in the past but that it isn't the responsibility of American Muslims to comment on every event that happens in the Middle East.

DOB: Are you as tired of hearing "American Muslim" as I am? How about we all match this by describing ourselves everywhere as American Catholics. Or American Baptists. Or American United Pentecostalists.

The scream of accusing "all Muslims as terrorists" as unjustified because they're all different, rings hollow when they insist on being known as one entity: American Muslims.

They can't have it both ways. Drop the appellation or drop the shrieking. Stand up, stand out, and tell us why you're different. If you can't do that, then get a grip. No one is ever calling ALL Muslims terrorists when discussing Islam in general (or specific elements within Islam, as I do when talking about the Muslim Brotherhood), anymore than they would say that because one Army Infantryman has been killed in Afghanistan, that ALL Army Infantrymen will be killed in Afghanistan.

If it is not the responsibility of American Muslims to respond to what's being done in the name of their religion, then who should? American Muslims should be outraged and should be taking every opportunity to denounce violent jihad, and stealth jihad activities all over the world and call for stripping jihad from the Qur'an.

Radical Islamists (and to me, they're just very active True Believers) state quite emphatically that they are following the Qur'anic instructions to make Islam the only religion in the world and Sharia the only law over the whole world, so they are doing their duty as good Muslims.

Dr. Peerwani might want to consider starting a movement that would strip out those aspects of the Qur'an which the Muslim Brotherhood claim as their authority from Allah for Islamic supremacism.

Or, heck, he could simply join up with ACT! for America and start alerting the America he's lived in for 35 years, that there are Islamists in the country that mean nobody any good.

The club leadership encouraged everyone to be courteous throughout the evening.

---------------end meeting and original article

O'Brien closed the interview with these comments: I am pleased to have had the chance to introduce Act! for America to these two clubs and to make everyone attending aware of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I am also pleased by the local activist Muslims who came out in such force to silence me. It has given me a tremendous boost of confidence that everything I'm saying is correct about the Muslim Brotherhood, how it works, and what its ultimate intentions for the U.S. are.

Most of us know they wouldn't pay any attention to me unless I was getting it right.

Another way I know I'm doing it right is that the Star-Telegram article showed up on CAIR's American Muslim News Brief on 5/6/09, second in line, which I take as a compliment.

Thank you, Kelly, and RightSideNews, for this opportunity to tell my side of these two stories.

Footnotes and references:

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/səbˈvɜrt/ Pronunciation [suh b-vurt]

-verb (used with object)

1.  to overthrow (something established or existing).

2.  to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of.

3.  to undermine the principles of; corrupt.

1325-75; ME subverten < L subvertere to overthrow, equiv. to sub- sub + vertere to turn

1. upset, disrupt, undermine, overturn, sabotage.


Pronunciation: v. kuh n-vurt; n. kon-vurt

1. See Transform. 2. proselytize. 16. proselyte, neophyte, disciple.


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