The Islamification of Europe - and the USA

Written by SnooperReport


May 2, 2009

The Changing World
I know it is Friday but this is too important to not post today. The World is changing and Western Civilization is not having enough babiesd to sustain itself. Without the Latino immigration into the United States, the USA would be a civilization in decline, but as it is now it is just barely hanging on to sustain itself. Everyone need to understand what Islamic World is doing and how it can take over without terrorism or war.

It can just breed us out and change the landscape. We are not having enough babies, because we are too beholden to our lifestyle of big houses and living on credit. This has got to stop and the Bail Outs done by government will not help, and will only hurt. We are buying our happiness now on the backs of the younger generation. And the ease of getting an abortion in the US is not helping at all either. People are having abortions as a form of birth control because it will interfere with their life style or their jobs. We need to wake up to the realization of what low birth rates are doing to our society and Western Civilization as a whole.

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