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Our Big Green Government Comes Forth

March 25, 2009
Congress Passes on Cost of Green Hell to American Taxpayers

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Since 2006, Congressional Democrats have been trying to "Green the Capitol," but recently decided their plan to go carbon neutral is too expensive and stopped buying highly-touted carbon offsets. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the greens want you to suffer more taxes and regulations aimed at "sustaining the environment" and "combating global warming." This Green Hell will not be felt by Congress, or even green elites like Al Gore-it will be felt by the everyday consumer, says author Steve Milloy.

ghthumb.jpgIn Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do To Stop Them, Milloy unveils how the green movement grows stronger every day behind our first green president. The Obama team has already begun work on cap-and-trade legislation and has cut funding for nuclear energy programs. No longer just an ideology, greens are clawing their way into your life and home in every way possible: your diet, your transportation, your toilet usage, your car selection, your vacation plans, and even your living space. Going green is no longer a lifestyle choice; it's a government mandate.

Using buzzwords and catchphrases like "carbon footprint" and "clean energy", the greens have managed to grow a movement aimed at making our lives more inconvenient, more uncomfortable, more expensive, less enjoyable, and less hopeful. Here are some of the worst examples of Green Hell:

  • v The California Energy Commission proposed the installation in homes of "programmable control thermostats" that would be controlled remotely by utility companies
  • v While demanding wind and solar energy replace all other energy, greens then fight the placement of wind farms and solar panels for their environmental impact
  • v Greens want to stuff everyone into smaller, lighter cars-but these smaller, lighter cars kill about 2,000 people annually
  • v Greens oppose biotechnology even though it allows us to grow more crops that are resistant to both pests and pesticides, and is responsible for 80% of U.S. corn production
  • v As of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, standard light bulbs are being replaced by the expensive, mercury-filled energy efficient CFL bulbs-which cost thousands to clean if broken

As the founder and editor of, Steve Milloy has been monitoring the greens for over 13 years. Now, as many Americans wake up under this green thumb for the first time, Milloy can tell us what the greens are targeting first-and what we as American citizens can do to stop them.

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